February 2009

Before Trump had Twitter. Life was sweet. Where have all the Cowboys gone?


Donald Trump is A Trojan Horse

And we all invited him inside. 

On Donald Trump’s viral campaign.¬†

Donald Trump is a virus from hell sent to inoculate American society. A necessary ill making us immune to the germs we are spreading round the world. 

On Black People

Black people like to play the victim.

Then again nobody else walking these streets are descendents of slaves and some 400 years of federally mandated oppression.  I know that’s got nothing to do with you.  You might say nigga or nigger but you never endorsed slavery. I don’t blame you. But you look just like your grandpa did in the photo taken when he was 13 holding guns to the head of doctors and pillars of black communities in NC OK FL etc.  It’s hard to separate the two sometimes. My bad bro.

Black people can’t play the victim no matter how hard they try. 
Reparations?  Shit they won’t even give back black peoples humanity. Kids tried to fight for tolerance like black lives matter and they said no fuck how you feel blue lives matter. Cops. Blue Man Group.  Smurfs. They matter. Black kids with toy guns in wal mart or the playground getting shot by racist ignorant oppressive dumb ass cops. Please no tears. 

Young Niggas vs. Old Niggas

Young niggas are young and dumb.  In spirit that is. You see there’s old young niggas. And on the contrary there’s young old niggas. In spirit.  Ever seen a 50 year old rocking a fitted cap? They are no more ironic than 21 year old newlyweds. Two fucking outliers becoming more normal with each aging day. 

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