Donnie BrashCo President 2016. yep. 

So he did it.  Or rather she did. With the help of the DNC she bungled what should have been the easiest cakewalk of an election ever. But from stonewalling Bernie to bringing out Jay Z and a CMA vilified Beyonce on election eve, she took every possible miscue and misstep. Why did she lose? Well you’re gonna hear it’s because of sexism and racism and yes that matters but its about a lack of hope. After Barack hyped us up,  and did much of nothing in 8 years (Guantanamo?), electing an unworthy person based on her gender didn’t seem to be the best way to get hopes up. 

I definitely think there was a huge wave of racism and sexism flowing beneath the Republican wing of the populist movement burgeoning in America over the past decade. There are little to no black people in the Tea Party so that shouldn’t be a surprise or a theory easily dismissed (given the racist RTs and all). And I’m on the fence here because I want to believe college educated whites and those married suburban wives shifted against her for economic reasons, tho I don’t. Just the same, these were the challenges and given the weakness of Donald Thump it should have been easy to coalesce a coalition to win this one. 

But Hillary didn’t have what Bernie did. A message and pure support. Say a Killer Mike, eloquently dissecting the issues of race and economy and measuring the work of Obama honestly. She didn’t have a Cornel West to nudge forward proposals for police reform. The comments about black youth being super predators was not addressed.  Then Dirty Bill doubled down.  She had no justification for the money she’d raked in from private prison companies. Nor Wall Street. She didn’t even stop taking the money.  Her party didn’t fight gerrymandering and spent the decade fighting for gay rights instead of voting rights. No hoodoo was made in Flint.  She’s been deaf and blind to urban issues, possibly forever. Couple these skeletons with no real message besides roll with a bitch, and my corporate homeys, it’s not surprising she lost unless you’re like mainstream media and pollsters. 
The truth is she’s been in politics too long.  She’s connected in the worst way. Everybody has a real or imagined history with her and whether it’s the Iraq war or losing donation money on Bernie because of her goons, it seemed pretty obvious she wouldn’t sway independent voters.  The closeted racists might have come out of the dark,  but she never had any light with progressives and libertarians in my opinion.

I’m not sure how you explain it. But put simply, 35% of Hispanics voted for the Wall/against Clinton. 8% of Black votes pushed Trump. Sociologists and Political Scientists will have to figure it out. Coupled with the number who stayed home or were disenfranchised, Hillary wasn’t going to get close unless she won independent undecideds at 75% or more, which is fucking impossible. 

So now what? Let’s see if this two party monopoly gets the message and acts accordingly. 


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