Pullman Porters

Helped create and establish the ceiling for the middle class by offering luxury travel for white patrons to separate them from lower classes who couldn’t afford the new things and enjoy the new fruits of the market economy. 

if you can’t afford luxury…..

Workers were African American, were usually 6’3 or taller, dark complexioned, with perfect white teeth, and at the time, one of highest paid black professions at the time. Though seen as a good job, these men were called George by passengers to demean and remind them of their ‘master’ George Pullman as they waited on the passengers and served the sleeping cars that pulled across the newly minted intercontinental railroads, another industry that minorities were barred from competing in by de jure segregation. 

George didn’t discriminate when it came to hiring practices because he had a role in mind for every ethnicity.  And both genders.  His factory and over the rail teams were to some degreeintegrated before the turn of the 20th century.  Notorious for low balling employees,  Pullman once used the aid of the US Army to quell an employee uprising. 



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