Identity Check 8.24

Man Vs Man

I’m an alumnus of Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa. The school more or less was a symbolic silhouette of its namesake, down to the student body,  compromised of 50% black and 50% other students.  In reading Up From Slavery for the third time in my life,  and the  first since young adulthood,  I am more irked by constant thread of subservient discussion and derogatory commentary on the African American diaspora at its beginnings as Freemen, and more motivated by the authors insistence on self determination. 


Man Vs Society

Trump people…..really? 


Man Vs Self

On Saturday night I went to Ft. Worth to catch the Diaz and McGregor fight. I am not into UFC so this was my live first fight since Greco-Roman wrestling dominated. I still don’t get it but I’m sure that doesn’t matter. Anyway got too drunk.  Talked shit to cops. Was right.  But ended up wrong.  Learning they don’t have ears or hearts for my words to land. Stop wasting life with peace officers that don’t serve me. 


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