Daily Run 6.7.16

Best thing ever: I woke up today. When you’re feeling down, sometimes its the small things.
What I learned: You have to take advantage of everything at all times. It is the only way to not grow bitter. Failure is nothing. Not trying is everything. I just squandered an opportunity. I have been working out of office for about a year and now I have to go back. In that time, I planned to do a lot more than I did with the freedoms alloted from working from home, but I only managed to move the ball a few yards down the field.


Do Over: I went to Kroger to get creamer, primarily. Came back with shit I don’t really need. Got sugar free creamer. Let’s do it again.

Song of the Day:  Give Up The Goods – Mobb Deep

Random Thought:  Why?


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