every once in a while you have to stop and assess life.  it’s birthday time so what better moment to do that. I think I’ve been writing one of these pretty much every year so here we go.  I’m almost 34. that’s half way through life black man.  halfway through the year as well.  I have to say it’s pretty good so far.  I miss my mom. That’s the worst. And since shes alive in Chicago life is pretty fucking good.  Wish i could get there for my birthday.  But Chicago in the fall is a close second to a Chicago summer.

I’m struggling to show the world who I am. That’s been my adulthood so far. I knew I wasn’t a young man when I moved to Texas but I’ve aged here for sure. Since moving,  I volunteered for a year.  Taught for a year.  Went celibate for a year.  Took a vow of silence for a year.  Sinned for a year. Traveled about a year.  And I’m halfway through my 7th year in Dallas, unsure of how it’ll be labeled at the end,  but I’m trying to make it the year of ambition. 

I honestly can’t say that I was as productive as I could’ve been for these first 26 weeks but I got a couple of things mobbing. I really wish I could go to DR for the July rock.  I am still hoping for Toronto too. But we’ll see.  I’m going to sit low for a bit and see what summizes. Dallas for the summer? Whoopie. But I’ve got a couple of things to keep me distracted but trying to do away with the shit that keeps me unfocused. 

All I can do is take it one day at a time.  That’s what I’ve learned in these 34 on earth.


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