Well I’m back up north and its been a while.  Small apartment still coming along. I started this post some 4 months ago when I first moved,  but like an unopened box, it sat there contents known. After 4 months of coming along,  it’s done – this post and the move.  I finally downsized a two bedroom 1500 sq ft house into a 2 room 450 sq ft apartment. If claustrophobia doesn’t kill me I think I’ll actually stay here more often than not, and so far I’ve been in town kicking dust about 60/40 of the year. Decent enough.  Its been nearly 120 days since I moved.  Gone are the days of mom and pop shops and unique restaurants lining narrow East Dallas streets.  I don’t have a neighborhood bar anymore. But I did get a neighborhood walmart. There’s like 8 in an 4 mile radius.  Here’s to the north.


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