Cheap Beer

My first taste of beer was Miller High Life. My dad gave me a sip when I was 7 or 8 and the bitter taste turned me off for years.  When I drank alcohol with my high school pals we usually chipped in on bottom shelf vodka. In college, I’d buy a six pack of anything domestic,  because I didn’t know any better. Most of my nights drinking were random so the flavor didn’t matter.  Then I got to Nashville and turned 21. With a legal pass to get beer anywhere I drank everything everywhere.  Lagers.  Ales.  Frambroise. I gave no fucks. I had sink parties to celebrate the birth of Bud Light Lime. And since then my drinking normalized,  but I still switched beers monthly. I’ll never forget my Newcastle days.  But after all the Stella and Red Stripe, I’ve come back to Miller. I’ll still fuck up a Pabst, but the fancy shit changed my taste buds, making it hard to swallow piss beers like Natty Ice. I’m a Miller man.  Been one since my first sip. Guess I’ll be one til my last.

Paid For by Miller Brewing Company,  Milwaukee, WI.


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