Hold the muthafucking Door

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones.  I’ll start with that.  It’s the saving grace for HBO and the only reason I leave my TV on the the station most Sunday nights. Without spoiling shit, the writing on yesterday’s episode was fucking real. I been watching wine season 1 and don’t care to read the books so I’ve wondered about the white walkers and why they exist/matter to the battle of the kingdoms. This episode tied in the missing parts of the puzzle, gluing the two dimensions through Bran’s mind manipulating and time shifting his favorite conduit Hodor. Dope writing.  I hate fucking wizards.  Harry Potter Sucks Dick. So does the Hobbits. And star wars.  I’m too gangster.  I’m too real. I hate Fantasy. But for an hour a week,  Game of Thrones changes that.


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