If you build it

They will come.  Or so we are told in this field of dreams.  I dream. And I believe that hard work will bring the harvest in.  I flew my brother down for a couple of weeks to check up on him and hear what he has produced lately.  He invested in his first piece of hardware so he’s crafting on and off the PC now and sonically miles ahead since I last checked his catalog. He’s come a long way from the unmixed drill beats he relied on in his early years, even sampling and producing more traditional sounding tunes for those with the classic hip hop ear. I’ve always been a supporter but now it’s obvious I should be an investor.  I fuck around with rap when I’m extremely bored.  Now I’m trying to put an album out on his beats.  Stay tuned.  First I’m piecing together his site.  It’s a SexDrugsMoney thing,  so you know it’s raw,  but I’m a hustler, not a coder. We’ll definitely plug his PayPal. Oh and I got him on ITUNES and Spotify and all that shit. Time to hustle these beats.


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