sometimes you win…

sometimes you give it your all. you prepare. you practice. you pray. you give it your all. and you lose. you play to win the game, but you don’t lose if you don’t play.

the ballots don’t say Yay. the sun doesn’t shine your way. or in other words, its just not your day.

sometimes you play by the rules. you adhere. you persevere and revere. you stick to the script. and you lose. you paid your dues, but your pay is still overdue.

the checks don’t come. up next is none. and you still gotta get the job done.

I learned to fight for the draw when I should’ve went for the win. I learned to be a contender instead of contending to be a champion. Now I need to unlearn. Take away the layers of fear and grief and guilt from lessons hardened by losses, covering the heart, dampening the lionhearted fire that feeds the ambition to create and enjoy life. Go for the gold. Shoot for the moon. Land on a silver star.


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