Live from the Chop Shop

Somewhere in South Dallas…..

The year is anew. The nights fall fast and hard.  These are the dark hours. The world is still thawing from its first freeze but it’s far from the last.

So what’s new in the world? December tornadoes,  Bulls lose, and I may or may not have a girlfriend,  and if I do,  we’ve basically dated for 3 years.  I’m sure that means we’ve cheated on each other in those 3 years but I’m not trying to know how many fuck buddies she had before I gave her all the fuck she needed. But I wonder why I stopped for her. Because that’s all that’s new I guess. I have a lot of life changing decisions this year.  If she got my back through them all then maybe I’m giving it up and slowing down for the right one even if I don’t know all the reasons yet. We’ll see how things go when I’m in Chicago a month this summer.

I’m probably back to the Northside soon. My time in East Dallas was fun but like my collegiate days I’ll wonder if I dumbed it down too much during my four years residing east of Greenville Ave.  I mean I definitely could have had more fun but I definitely could have been more productive.  If I could do it again,  I wouldn’t.  All I did was extend my time here and I think I’ve found that regardless of the local,  dallas especially, the party is where you make it.

The last time I had a barber I liked I was visiting chicago for an extended stay.  I’m still getting a lo taper. Easier to manage when the sides grow in.  Easier to mark for the next hair cut. The shop is crowded.  Niggas got jokes cause I close my eyes. Haha old man.

Live from the Chop Shop. Presented to you by the barber with dreadlocks.


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