I started my online blog four years ago. It started as a way to collect the dope Web pages I’d come across when surfing the internet. I thought the network of sites I frequented were worth sharing and cataloging so I did that, editing the blog with current news events and opinions, doing my best to front like a true news agency. But let’s be real.  No writers and no photographers meant no journalism. The entire setup was built on my RSS feeder and once Google Reader became obsolete,  tracking and saving became a task, so I deleted all links to and from other sites and updated to all original content, tied into this here WordPress site. Because it’s better to be original than to be anything else at all. I’d share an opine on a hot topic here or there,  but mostly it’s a haven for mixtapes and unauthorized playlists I can access from anywhere, just in case I didn’t travel with it.  When you’re working internationally, you can barely pack a laptop. I don’t like iPods or headphones outside of the studio or gym,  so taking a pocket speaker is usually all I need to rock my hotel room likey a disco. Since I’m taking more photos and traveling again, I share those on site as well, but honestly it’s still under utilized and mismanaged. I would sell the domain if I wasnt attached.  And I hate a dead page so it’s left open and searchable. So what’s a bloggerman to do? Guess I’ll get it right or get rid of it. I’m two days short of the anniversary aka the bill date and I’m just not ready to cancel. Guess I’ll go hard on it one more time.  Stay tuned.






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