time for an update

i write on this blog few and far between time. so its time for an update. since this is the bio of me, i’ll tell you whats new. last post was dated july 2015. whats new since then? gigs are going good, blah blah blah. i noticed i only talk about work here lately. in the past, it was sex. i bet its been drugs at some point too. i need to broaden my horizons for real. but yeah, nothing has changed since then but the weather.

my brother is visiting. if you happen to buy a mixtape from some chicago rappers at this years state fair, you’re welcome. they are grinding up about half a g a day some nights. i am envious to say the least. for a natural salesman, i really never really gave it a college try. i bet i’d move hella units. maybe i’ll take that road trip to atlanta.

big screen tvs and dslr to change the monotony of the winter months. hopefully, creativity strikes. i am not sure if i have what it takes to be a photog, but my phone was no longer capable of capturing the image as i saw it in my mind. time to blame the tools. i’ll show you a few portfolios once i get the hang of things. maybe.

thats it. update down. update done.


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