Universal Laws

1. Quitters never win. And Winners never quit.-

Patience and Persistence. Its the lube that makes the world go round. The difference between man and animal is will. Something willed us to stand on our heels and reach higher and now, we can’t stop. It’s the only way to grow, the only way to evolve.  If you lose, that makes you a loser. But if you aren’t a loser, you’re either a winner, or you ain’t playing in the game at  all.  I’ve taken losses. I once thought I was Jay Z, Mr. I Will Not Lose, but I noticed I was only winning because I was taking the easy challenges. So I am stepping it up. Sure, you’re not a loser, but you ain’t really winning. It’s only so long you can fuck with Lewinsky before you start looking for Marilyn. And when you do, walk, don’t run. Like the bull on the hill. Stay patient and persistent. And never give up because the next push breaks the levee, the next straw breaks the load, and you got nothing stopping you but death, so go for it.

2. The world vibes with you. –

I don’t believe in karma. I did when I was younger, but I couldn’t define exactly what I thought. Then, a brilliant man by the name of R.Kelly introduced a word to me to sum it all up. Vibe. The world doesn’t store negative energy waiting for its moment to get back at you, with a gust of wind that blows you overboard, or a volcano on your honeymoon. No, there are too many assholes for the good spirits in the world to concern themselves with. Instead, the world acts in the now. The winds are never still. If you are putting good vibes into the world, good vibes are attracted. Right then and there, not some years down the line. And guess what, bad vibes beget bad spirits, bad winds and bad endings. It’s not always this way. Sometimes good people get caught in the midst of bad people doing horrible shit. Sometimes bad people change and shut the energy out. If hiding and residing in houses of good does change your soul for the better. It’s true of the contrary.

I hate anger and rage. Those vibes are so cloudy anything that results from it will be inferior and detrimental in quality, often leaving murky results. But also, if something is too sunny, or seems too luxurious, the harsher undertones are opaqued by the glitter and glitz, which seems fine, until you realize you’re having a ball…in hell. Some people function well with these negative vibes, while others completely break down with nerve damage when their vibes get charged up.  These are all signs that vibes carry us, not karma. To say it another way, we get crunk, crunk doesn’t get us, ya mean.

3. Born alone, Die alone.

I know we have family and friends, but you only have one soul. I can’t direct another person’s life when my own soul is so mismanaged and I don’t see anyone walking with a halo, so chances are this is true for everybody walking the earth. So yea, it sounds harsh and it is a harsh motto to live by, but it gives me comfort. For one,  I am not a twin, so I was born alone. Facts. I am a snowflake. I have met none like me. So not only was I born alone, but I will live alone. My life, my dreams, goals, desires, etc. are mine. No one wants it like you do baby. I know we live in a community and its about those around me, but in being the best me I can be, I’ll be the best for the world (best is not a selfish, rich, money making me). If all the world were just like me, what kind of world would this world be? That’s a selfish and individualistic point of reference, but its the right way to go about living. And then you die, with your memories, and your burdens. These belong to no one else. Sure your death may cause grief and hardship, but on your deathbed, in your last minutes, it will be your soul you’re begging for, if you’re the religious type.

Three Universal Laws of Ryan Mega


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