grind time 3.3

So this blog lives through 2018. Yea! for next year’s election man. Think I might cover it big for Stay tuned.

i can’t sleep. i can’t get 8 hours if I tried. My body has rejected sleep for the past decade and I fought it well. But I realize that my brain is telling me I can’t rest. More work. I can’t sleep.

the time you have is all you have. life is what you make it and blah. 6am to 11pm. warrior school. class is in session. master’s of self determination and shit.

mom’s moved back to chicago and i’m going to cop a condo for her soon. and one for me too. fuck it. a ranch house for the dog. and still going to get law school popping. i guess i got these wide shoulders for a reason. busting my ass at two jobs is the new addiction and no days off is the new affliction. same shit, different bidet. just going to stick to the script for a while and see what happens now. going into the summer strong like lets grind through labor day and meet up in miami. fuck it. i need vodka drinks. don’t worry, no sugar til then. six packs going to be zoning.

I have been in the company of alot of bitch ass people. I can’t be sure of why, but let’s just say it was research. I figured this shit out on my own. No thanks to you.

i’m operating from a depression, in more ways than one. but recognizing that was the easiest way to attack it sans xanex. now i got it moving in the right direction, so i’m focused on keeping it moving. 12 X 90’s from a Million or something like that. to be clear, that’s 12 seasons, or 12 X 90 days. the hard part is the beginning so wish me luck.

shout out to the young hustlers and young gang stars. i should’nt have left you without a beat and rhyme to step to. i can’t think of a way to get money with ya’ll so i don’t really reach out, but i will figure it out. i hollered at my cousin in prison, who happens to be my only family member in jail. i left him hanging for a minute. i feel like a dickhead. i am not sure if it’s a life journey, but i can’t forget about who i was at 14 and who my cousin was at that age and how things that influenced us became us. for that reason and that reason alone, i am 30+ writing rhymes. FML LOL.

i can’t sleep. I keep thinking of money. I keep listening to game spitters and I keep thinking about how to flip a buck. I’d rather eat alone than chase an ugly bitch. i’m working on my abs and brushing my waves in like Chicago on poetic justice right now. this is it. the master level. can’t be weak. lazy. scared. cowardice. slow. hesitant. reluctant. regretful. resentful. pitiful.  guess i gotta grind it out.


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