Movie Review: Fargo

Is it a classic? The Coen brothers, the King of Clubs, and the two ugliest white guys working Hollywood make it worth your while.

So fuck it, I took a look at that Ciera. William Macy pays Steve Buscemi to kidnap his wife, using the car as a down payment, followed by another 40K. She comes from wealth, so her husband wants her kidnapped and ransomed, for personal reasons. That’s the plot. Our star, Mr. Bumgaurt, played by Macy, might just be a fucking liar. So his day job tells us. He’s a car salesman in the part of the northwest where blue oxen roam and you do get the mood of Fargo, the town and the movie, by the time the husband and the kidnappers shake on it.

On a cold dark road, a cop is shot through the top of the head. Whoa daddy, this isn’t a comedy. It’s far from Lebowski. Or maybe it’s just the blackest comedy ever. It’s what may happen will happen once the kidnapping is botched and from that point b of view, it’s hysterical how committed everyone becomes to their role. Proof that killers are made of circumstance and not born. In comes Margie, the pregnant cop, fated to stop the kidnappers turned cop killers.

By the third act when you meet average Fargoian Mr. Mora, it’s clear this is much more than a movie about a kidnapping. Each scene builds upon the previous and the story is beautifully directed to its conclusion. The cold Fargo winter is the theme, and in spring, it ends as you expect, but never how you expected.


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