Top 25 Black People Of All Time

So if you had to make a list of the top 25 black people to live since the white boys found the new world, who would make the cut? what would the benchmarks be? what characteristics exemplify these people and with what works are they legend? the homey tone and i are going over a few dozen names or so and hope to share the results with the world soon. for me, i’d argue that its less about success financially and more about triumph in respect to the canon of the black experience. so jayz over oprah, because though more black people grew up like oprah, jay z’s success seems to translate easier to the black experience, albeit he’s afforded the ability to sell himself in this way that she doesn’t. going with a total of 25 means you have room to make it more than a holier than thou top 10 full of marchers and civil rights leaders. but it also means limitations. how many musicians can we really put in there? and since black music hasn’t really done much for the canon of black people, how holy should a generational talent be held? do those comparisons pale in comparison to the breakthrough of charles drew? it really is a question of harriet tubman vs barack obama and then filling in the gaps from the perspective that you see the black paradigm.


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