Year of the Goat

It’s officially the new year in China. I bet lots of people there got goat tattoos.  I’ve been watching a lot of gardening, arts, crafts, and home works videos.  I’m thinking farm.  Must be the goat.  Liking the new Jordans. Cuz he’s the G.O.A.T. Bitch.

I think it’s about creating and giving to the world.  Why not? I’m down to take up knitting if it means little white kids in Minnesota don’t have to go this winter without warm booties for slumber.  And what better way than to create something for the world than to create with the help and support of mother earth.

I was fucked off this time last year.  My uncle was killed in Chicago during a road incident the two summers ago and I went home last year to help the fam tie some things down.  It’s internalized now but I was wiping tears constantly then. Internal,  because I’m still badly shaken by the suddenness but have accepted death is certain; and the time will be uncertain.

For these reasons, I’m in all out goat mode.  I am over 30 so potential has all but been squandered.  6’6 and no NBA ya mean. I’m at the age when learning a new language is a miracle.  That dumb, nearly deaf, and blind (all self induced) age when you can’t teach ye old dog new tricks. So anything earned is truly earned.  Elbow grease my nig.

Why? I can’t help you if I can’t help myself.  Life ain’t a track meet. It’s a marathon.  And the road to Altruism curves at self determination.

-Ryan Mega


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