Ryan Mega on Americanism

A is for Americanism. Honorable Mentions- Africa, Assholes/Anal, Arabic, Adolescents.

America. Its where I’m from and where I’m at. The country was founded in 1776, but stolen long before. This land was made for you and me, and then colonies of indebted, sadistic prisoners and capitalists arrived on its shores to explore and settle and rape and pillage the natives of their homeland in tribute to inbred monarchies back in Europe, from where all of its transgressors have arrived or so its written. From lowly log cabin beginnings to the great heights of the World Trade Center, America has risen to be the undisputed world leader in murder and money and mayhem, and in a way, that ain’t bad. If human evolution is in essence the survival of the most fit, we can say this country has been the most fit and most dominant. Why? Because of our multicultural society and natural topography. Oh and the crazy white boys with guns. From these varied patches of ethnicity and religion and gun calibers and hate, the quilt of American society was sewn.

When the first settlers landed in Roanoke,  Jamestown, and Popham, they were figuratively and literally murdered, mollywopped even. Failed societies turned to cannibalism and waged war on Native Americans for resources in the unfamiliar territory. Men resorted to fucking men. Shit was bad. So bad, we made a Holy Day in reverence of the year when the Native Americans taught the white man how to farm because apparently, no one in Europe knew a thing of it*1. Dead settlers carved inscriptions on tree and rock, telling stories of how the natives returned fire and raided settlements, but still showed kindness in hard times. Many colonies starved out within years of landing on the coasts. But tried and true, if you throw shit at the wall over and over, somethings gotta stick eventually and so it was with the English colonies  And so we began our history, an America made of the shit that stuck. The survival of the shittiest. Note: Its American tradition to ignore the fact we are also a nation built from the failures of many Spanish, Dutch, and French colonies among other nations- likely because those colonies developed more cosmopolitan societies and ya know, the whole union jack flag, shared language with the English motherland etc. If I speak of colonies, I mean those of all nations.

Its all kind of dumb luck. A lot happened in 1492 you see. I’m talking wars sparked by meteors (Google Ensisheim); intergalactic shit.  History lesson time. All facts are as accurate as I recall from my 8th grade World History class. The Middle Ages are ending. Even before the Nina, the Pinta, and Santa Maria touched land, the whole thing was pretty much a long shot. Snapshot- the Crusades. The battle for the Old World. Once upon a time, France was like middle east today- bloodshed everywhere, everyday. They came from miles around to get down on Burgundy mounds. After 1000 years of fighting among themselves (we’ll say until 1000 AD) and being invaded by African and South Asian armies (Hannibal for example), the people of the Iberian peninsula are united through marriages and treaties within the Christians in the Latin empire. More Christian tribes were united to form nations under Constantine, this silver spoon fed ass Roman, who gathered the empire in like 325 AD, and most significantly, proclaimed Christianity the ruling religion in the land to regulate all the pagan ass tribes in the Mediterranean. He was head of the Eastern Orthodox Christian church or some dope ass title like that, setting up Christian cities in the Byzantine empire, solidifying the Roman empire in new territories in the East, and fighting off invading Moor armies from the south; he was a total dick to the caliphates, pushing that Christ rock right on the block next to the Muslims, who were running the block like Avon Barksdale in Season 1 of The Wire. But it was in the conquering of the Iberian peninsula in the west, then north to Roman Britannia, under the common flag of Christianity, that a new capitalist empire took root to lead strike and counter-strike against Jewish and Muslim societies, attacking and raiding cities as far as Northern Africa, a fight that culminates with the Atlantic Slave trade.  And for what? For the previous 1000 years, back to 500 BC, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan Africans were invading Europe (looking at you Hannibal), coming right up Spain, Italy and Greece, raping bitches and giving them black hair. While Constantine used the religion to unite the pagans and barbarians in Europe to defend the empire, he could not stretch it beyond the realm. Pope Urban used this new empire, the Roman Catholic church, to take siege on the world in the Crusades.. In Northern and Western Africa, they were humbly greeted by scores of Islamic people and nations (nations of the Black kind), such as the Tuareg, Bouzou, Wodaabe, Hausa and Zarma. For nearly 500 years, the crusaders from the north were handed loss after loss through about 1291 AD when they fell in battle for the ‘Holy Land’ of Acre in Jerusalem, retreating from the Muslim forces and ending the second crusades. Many Western European nations began at this time and some people dubbed Kings were anointed by the church as vessels of god, as the few spoils of the Crusades gave birth to a royal class of citizenry and constitutions, such as the Magna Carta, written when these Kings couldn’t keep their Barons in check and needed some governing rules*2. Christian cities spread in Europe and Muslim cities bolstered their caliphates by pillaging the African continent. I mean converting it. This strengthened both empires – Islam spread down the Eastern coast of Africa and into South Asia and Christianity spread north through Europe. Keep in mind both are spreading it with a sharp butter knife. The Christians conquered and converted indigenous eastern European tribes in the Slavic and Crimean territory, converting them Christian*3. About then, European civilization met Asian commerce via the King Khan from China, and its cities were introduced to porcelain and gun powder and opium, or pimp shit, pain reapers, and pain relievers, thanks to Marco Polo, and the conquering of land in the middle east by Khans from Asia, making trade routes safer. A Franco-Mongolian alliance was born, because even then, the French obsessed over Asian tang.  It seemed Asia and Europe hated Muslims because both had to deal with the midnight marauding, Jihading ass caliphates, such as those that would become the Ottoman empire. An alliance was formed, an alliance that remained unmarked by war or hostilities basically through the first and second Opium wars in the 19th century or so its written. For Europe, east of the Mediterranean sea, to the Byzantine lands where Constantine ruled and north of the Rhine where Charlemagne furthered the canon of Christian religion, invading Arabs (or pagan tribes already living there) complicated the continents ability to trade/steal knowledge, industry, and gunpowder with Asia (Silk Road, etc), and with the coming plagues of the dark age, it was pretty clear they were desperate to find a passage to the East Indies that didn’t include crossing Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, or Iran in the middle east.  After years of fighting this ‘Reconquista’ among  other crusades, with the changing of nations, the people of the Iberian peninsula were finally united through Christian victories over pagan nations (Roman Catholic to be exact – that means: state religion, guess they learned that from the Muslims- the state hiring soldiers for god points and money, have them kill at will, pay their family in death, and absolve them from the sin with a couple of gold coins on their orbital sockets- we bury soldiers with a flag now, but same difference). The religion spread east of Rome through Crusader states such as Cyprus and Antioch but these cities were no Jerusalem, and failed rather quickly. They are vacay spots now. The Roman Empire was dying. But Roman traditions of democracy in governing and fucking little boys in their corn hole were continued through the Roman Catholic church. The mission to eradicate Muslim caliphates (and maybe a couple of Khans who didn’t want to stick to the script) was the reason European tribes, such as the Dutch, Welsh, Scots, Irish, Nordics, Francs, Anglo, Catalans, the Greeks, Slavs, Serbs, Gauls, Romans, and Latins came together under Christianity to form the nations we know as Europe today. In 1492, when the last Muslim city in the west, Granada, fell to Spanish conquistadors, Queen Isabella of Spain, the highest crown in the Christian church/state, decided to celebrate the spoils by sending a voyage around the world to find Asia to get more gunpowder and Chinese porcelain and Asian bitches, but this time, they’d go west and avoid those fucking Arabs. That voyage of course was led by Christopher Columbus who sailed in tribute of the Christian Church, carrying boatloads full of hooligans, rapists, and thugs, and other degenerates repented and set free from debtors jails seeking to win a small fortune with their newly gained freedom. (For confirmation of their religious loyalties, just peep the flags on the ships).

After Columbus, the rest of bloodsucking, god fearing capitalists arrived. The next-first ‘Americans’ were pilgrims, on a jihad, I mean, on a mission from god to run pogrom, i mean a pilgrimage across America. So Conservatives are very right about one thing. For our modern American society as it is now and how it was when founded, first came the Christian church. Fact. They are very wrong in why it matters. Sure Christians landed in the new world and killed shit trusting in the same god we worship and give thanks, but our basic principals of religious freedom are born from the old world fear of Christianity. The original Christians in america were not here picking berries and reading bible verses to Indians. In fact, the Christian church was the reason the hooligans were in debt to the church and needed refuge in America. Yes the first people here were Christian refugee, AND the freedom of religion clause was set to prevent a caliphate and/or a religious monarchy from forming, because even then Jefferson and the boys were aware and feared religion building power to shape the nation’s political and economic structures. Proof: William Penn bought a huge estate so he wouldn’t have to deal with that shit. Nobody was running that Christ rock, Jihadi shit on his block. He was a moderate Puritan, so we champion him and his ilk still.

But stoic and fair Puritans that didn’t slaughter Natives were the novelty. The religion clause worked to allow all actions to be justified by religion or faith. These guys were not pro-Jesus in action. They were anti-Jesus in action. Their ideology was ‘My religion is free, therefore my actions are bound by a divine belief that god has made it be, in anything I choose to support as long as I believe it true – and all you hoes at the barrel of my gun gotta accept this individuality’*4. To follow an orthodox religion- true monotheistic religion – was to live without this freedom. The cost of religion is freedom. Furthermore, historically, Islamic nations were pretty much unable to compete at the time (Tripoli anybody?) and the Pope and dying Roman Catholic church mattered little to the new world’s take on governing (we watched the French revolution with 3D glasses). We didn’t add Christian law to the constitution. The Illuminati prevented that with a compromise – evident by vague references to a ‘general’ God to satisfy idiots who still thought deity’s ruled earth. Their philosophy for law ‘Do what you like and fuck faith. We won’t hold religion over you, geesh’. I read on wiki that the illumined state won’t punish your behavior by condemning your soul, because you will condemn yourself from failure and grief, and in this world, the illumined state needs the resulting bad behavior to profit and control shit – profits amid the chaos. The more chaos, the more control we relinquish, the further from God, I think it goes. I am novice in that field of scholarship at best, the illumined. But boy does it go well with our American democracy. For the first 200 years in between Columbus and Plymouth Bay Colony, everything was a go; the law of the land was rape, pillage, and murder in the name of God or the holy land or whatever. Freedom of Religion literally meant Freedom from the restraints of it. If you didn’t like the local flair, just start your own state. Some of the colonists wore Christian clothes, whether sponsored, mandatory, or sincere, but few knew of Jesus as they lived like heathens in shitball pockets along the eastern coastline. They couldn’t fucking read. We are not a nation of friars and monks. We are colonists and pioneers. The language in our history books says its all.

The Triangle Trade was born when the Arabic kingdoms in northern Africa failed to withstand the onslaught of the Spanish Armada and other European navies and the northern coast of Africa became subject to European warfare and Christian exploitation. Of course Arabs were trading and selling African slaves out of ports like Zanzibar, up and down  the Ganges in India and through South Asia, for 1500 years before Columbus landed in America- the Europeans simply took the playbook and expanded the game west to the new empire. Out with brown Jesus. In came white Jesus. and hallelujah. Africans were the majority of the enslaved or captive in nations that said they did it for god, or god obliged the act in monotheistic religions. Rarely are Hindu or Buddhist slave masters *5. I say that not to throw salt on Christians and Muslims (they do that enough themselves eh?), but its said to help you understand what the founding fathers really meant by freedom of religion. Clearly there was no freedom of religion when the only religion practiced in America as evidenced by the treatment of black people in early america was capitalism, our oldest non denominational sect. Our way of fostering Christianity was far from Jesus saves, Jesus loves, and the nation was still shy of the first and second awakenings and adopting of black Christian congregations and branches.  As soon as they could capitalize on the slave labor of Africa, the Europeans did, and viciously, and usually, it was the Christians. *6. Its not at all ironic that our oldest cities, (hint:they start with saint) are usually disproportionately black or Hispanic, or have a history of native american annihilation and slave ports (looking at you St. Augustine, St. Lucia, St. Barts, San Juan). Brazil has the most catholic monuments and also imported the most slaves. Just saying. Democratically speaking, freedom of religion meant do what you like, but don’t go against the state approved religion, capitalism. Speaking capitalistically, freedom of religion meant Christian policy would influence the new federation- give us 10% of the 100% you take off that black guy’s ass and keep interpreting that bible however you want. Who knows how many different tribes arrived on the shores of America from the coasts of Africa or how many black Muslim and pagan kingdoms in Africa were slaughtered for the slave trade by invading Christian armadas.

With improved weapons of war, American pioneers committed genocide on native tribe after native tribe as they explored and settled the west, until all of the west was discovered (then they played the natives with the Indian Removal Act of 1830 to make matters more insane) *7. The Native Americans and Africans survived the massacres and genocide by bowing to the capitalistic and democratic modes laid by the dominating, Christian, oligarchy, as would most immigrant groups upon coming to the United States. But imagine if Columbus lands in California in 1492. Imagine if manifest destiny *8 was an easterly movement of settlers in the US. Does Christianity survive as the predominant religion if the French settle in Northeast America first? Does Christianity thrive in the south if free African labor in the south doesn’t guarantee pretty much any economic system success? If you’re not sharing with the slaves, who ain’t getting breakfast in bed, ya mean – get rich to this white Jesus. Shit, would warring factions and colonies have survived in the arid southwest US, with 16th century guns and unfit irrigation skills from living in moist ass Europe? At 115 degrees, you die out in 3 days without water. You don’t even make it 7 and that’s pretty basic. I dunno. Sure the colonists had nothing to do with the topography of the new land, but they were damn lucky to begin the journey among the fat and happy, peace pipe, tobacco smoking Native American tribes, living along the many river valleys in the eastern united states. I see nothing but murder if they land ashore the Aztec-like, adobe brick dwelling, Indian nations, with warriors eating peyote and slaughtering shit for fun in the southwestern US. The colonists had 200 years of trouble just dealing with the Seminole in Florida.

Its important to understand black people in the world just before America to understand what American racism was and is now. Before 1776, there were many European nations with enslaved and free Africans flooding the coasts of America. The nation was born cosmopolitan; a land with many foreigners running onto its shores at the same time. Well before the slave trade and the Colombian exchange, Africans and Arabs long ago landed in America. These are facts. So did Vikings. Facts. Face it. The ancient world built a boat like we build Jets. Noah aint the only one. Hell, its safe to assume Africans and Arabs were arriving before and alongside European colonies as well, given its’ dark age era penchant for stealing knowledge and rebranding it European, and its predominant world is flat philosophy, etc. By colonial times, the African immigrants were enslaved or indentured, but they arrived into the Americas more frequently than any other immigrant group, due to Europe’s Christian monarchies using improved gunpowder technology to pillage and plunder the people and possessions of Africa to capitalize on the new world with the masters of the old. It was the zeitgeist of the moment. All of the cool Christian monarchies were doing it. We have always been a land of many nations, cultures, and people, and all in different stations, but from the beginning, there seemed to be a plan was to keep the capital in the hands of the smallest minority, in particular, people directly connected to the monarchies and corporations in Europe, and ultimately, Britain, the growing imperial power with colonies popping up in all corners of the world*9. Our Declaration of Independence, was signed by 56 people- all prepared and wiling to capitalize on the new land and kill at will situation. That means in 1776, little broke ass 13 colony, newly independent america, already had 56 bloodthirsty oligarchs trying to tell everybody else how to fucking live by murder and mayhem for the sake of padding their pockets. Luckily for us, the founding fathers wrote the constitution with the help of the Illuminati who thought to include the bill of rights, which gave ‘the common man’ a good reason to buy into a bullshit republic- you know taxes, government, oppression and religious freedom shit. We didn’t want taxation without representation. That means we broke free because of the money Lebowski. Sure a few people who signed the Declaration may have had philosophies akin to Christianity, but they didn’t gather and draft a fucking constitution because of the religious persecution in Europe. They were financially persecuted by the Church, which was hellbent on oppressing the citizenry. Orthodox Christianity died well before 1776- word to Martin Luther. They already had no religion. If they did it was this – represent for America however you wanted as long as it was lucrative and taxable or profitable. Capitalism through exploitation was fine, as long as it was done democratically. Guess some things aint changed. That’s why the white boys sat it out through a hot summer in Philly and if it were not for the advice of the Illuminati *10, America would probably have fallen to a religious monarchy early in its history. They were smart enough to see that order in chaos kept the people ignorant of state power, which still allowed the money to come in abundance without that fake ass middleman taking a cut, so they kept the basics of a religion-state blueprint, built a constitution based on the best ideas of the time sans religious fervor, sprinkled some anti-black guy talk *11, and boom, that’s democracy (split the grief). Then the founders rushed to capitalize on this ‘new form of democracy’ before religious fervor could take hold in the new world, as it had for 2000 years before in the old world.

Forming the union was not easy. Old fuckers wanted to stay with the crown (Christian way)- loyalists they were called *12. Many more wanted independence, led by the enlightened, liberal frontiersman, the whipper snappers, the industrialists of the transcontinental Whig party (slave and Rum runners), and some preppy white boys from Boston who got drunk and fucked up a couple of British slave ships to protest the monopoly on ‘tea’, it’s imposition in American ports, and unfair taxation on its commerce. The southern colonies agreed to ride for these guys in fear of taxation and oppressive legislation without representation spreading through the colonies and stopping slavery (haha jokes on them, but like not right away). In 1776, it was the colonists with something to profit who posited most against the crown, and whether they claimed Christianity or not, they joined democratically because of money, not god. This was the unique element in the formation of the union. So when the church failed, in Europe and specifically with the bloody revolution in France, these capitalists with a democratic form of government seemed to be the enlightened ones for sure and our economy boomed while the others rebuilt. Former enemy, newly reformed, protestant Britain became a major trade buddy because it helped clear Spain and France from many north american territories, (before it previously coexisted with the colonies in exchange for a little exploitation of the colonies, verified by laws like the Administration of Justice Act for example, which was aimed at protecting British officials charged with capital offenses during law enforcement by allowing them to go to England or another colony for trial. rape a bitch here, talk to your uncle about it back home. or The fourth Coercive Act which included new arrangements for housing British troops in occupied American dwellings aka quartering act trigger. or the Quebec act, where the British imposed its will on the colonies by allowing Frenchies free reign and dominance in the territorial northwest, forcing colonies to compete in new industries, like fur trapping (new slang for winter time hustles- #megaism?) and fishing in the great lakes which further limited the ability of new colonies to flourish in the west. This also meant “French” cosmopolitan and Catholic societies would exist, full of free blacks and Arabs in command- think DuSable and Chicago or creole New Orleans).

Now if the freedom of religion clause is not only protection for the rights of persecuted Pastafarians, Shakers, Catholics, and Mormons-  but also to ensure no caliphates or religious states take hold in America, the democracy that resulted and that continues today is only a result of these two things working as planned. sure there is no king to amass the wealth, but its amassed the same. The last thing the founding fathers wanted was an Ottoman empire springing up in the new world.  I mean bow to the east as you please until some white guy sees it as competition to his money because he’ll tell the other white boys to get the guns because you’re trying to combine religion and state. That’s unamerican after all. We like separation of church and state. In god we trust better mean Jesus or else. Sure the the words on lady liberty said all were welcome, but actions by the government against Catholics and Muslim, Chinese, Mexican, and African populations have continued to say otherwise. Facts.  Accordingly, women and people of African descent were not given the god given rights listed in the constitution until they were fully cast and relegated to second class citizens and/or until their lives and service was needed to exploit foreign people to further stretch the American empire.

Though we are a nation that preaches freedom of religion and equality for all men, those blue blood WASPs in power early on never wanted it that way for everybody. If the Brits had won, they would have gladly paid the monarchy royalties without issue and followed suit on the British wave to end slavery at the end of the 18th century. Not the founding fathers. When those whipper snapper Whigs, Boston preps, and southern rum runners and plantation owners convened to put the great ideas of the time together and declare independence, they were well versed in Arabic and Greek and Asian literature and philosophy, studies on mathematics, science, even the exploration of the African continent. They were quite aware of the existence and humanity of Africans, because Africans and Arabs were already a part of British and American societies from the go. They knew damn well they were not forming the federation for anyone but themselves- loyalists who flipped on the redcoats, slave holders, ‘pioneers’, and other benefactors of the British East India company fleets and other corporations like it that shipped indebted prisoners from England to run amok for a tax or two. They were too bent on hell-raising and greed to end slavery. Mayhem and domination here (pilgrims, puritans) for profits there no more. They no longer wanted to ship the profits to the crown, so they had a revolution, they won the revolution and boom, that’s american capitalism – laissez faire. You already know many of the nation’s founding fathers owned slaves with like only Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton putting forth honest fights to abolish slavery during their lifetimes, though a few others freed their slaves upon death. This is not to say that they were all racists in the sense that they all beat and raped their slaves or lynched and murdered black people, but they definitely were racist; as in few did desire or appreciate a cosmopolitan, multicultural society and most thought it okay to target and profit from the African race and continent through exploitation. While the 3/5 compromise appears to imply that many saw the black slaves as not wholly man, most white guys were well aware of the Africans dominance physically and genetically, albeit they often countered these genetic abilities by notions of lower black mental ability, etc. adopted from their studies of Arabic literature on historic Africa. This only aided in their disdain for indigenous Africans and their exploitation of Africans in the new world, such as their propagation and desire for sturdy workers who didn’t melt or burn in the heat. Even with the constitution, the reality is the 3/5 nomenclature was created for limiting the southern states from declaring non voting slaves as citizens worthy of full inclusion in the census, for distribution of voting powers, taxes, etc. Oh they’re chattel until its November 4th, then suddenly the niggers can read and vote and that worried the crackers up north.  If you really want to see how racists our founding fathers were, just check the internet for their quotes. Even Thomas Jefferson, who ran dick in many a black slave, is on record quite often talking low of the African race. The honest truth is many if not most of our founding fathers were a bunch of slave owners at worst and a  bunch of preppy racist, closeted homosexual, secret society, chauvinistic, Yale kids at best, who said they believed in the equality of all men, but were unlikely to have a drink or conversation with a black man as an equal without a motive, and for no other reason but racism taught to them, and usually because it was ingrained by a connection or worship of old Gregorian and Victorian society and the need to please a British/Christian sensibility of class. Since most were of the farming class and basic landowners and few were industrialists and slave masters, there was no true separation of the pioneer and slave, indentured servant and freedman. The constitution and its upholding of slavery sought to create this separation. To sustain slavery in the south, Victorian and racist ideas were spread and backed by capitalist laws that exploited black people and barred them from participation until our society was formed on racial class. These racist notions were usually most championed by poor, disenfranchised white people who were failed by Christianity and capitalism (rich crackers don’t join the Klan). They continue to exist as a mirage to a true class system, because acknowledging class inequality could separate white people or cause havoc to the christian capitalist threads needed to hold us together. So as a result we have a society born with silly notions of white supremacy based on skin color and head size. Outside of America though, these ideas never really matured into more than an era or two of elite fads and racist ideologies (ahem, i mean other than Nazi Germany- where I argue it happened because White people were afraid to submit to an unfair class system bore from German reconstruction, so they blamed the Jews). Why didn’t these notions just trickle into American popular culture and die out? Because poor white people chose to use capitalism and Christianity instead of fighting against it, and racism became their tool to separate themselves along nonexistent lines and deny minorities the same path for success.  The current illumined state stayed afloat because of the racial strife causing chaos in this order – shit they couldn’t do in the all white countries of Europe where class is recognized and the systems and institutions of Jesus and dollars are failed because you can’t blame another devil race for the failure of the nation.

For 200 years, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was a clause reserved and protected by law for white men only, word to Dred Scott. It was only after the power of the nation and the wealth was monopolized into the hands of a few white men post antebellum that other classes were able to live with a smidgen of god given liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and by then with quite the handicap, and really only because America needed all hands on board to ruin the world, was tired of fighting a particular racial group, or they conformed to American oppression/ and inclusion.  Join or die *13. Join society, but if you should decry injustice, fight for further freedoms, compete with natural born American white males, or use different rules for competition, such as communism, the blue-blooded male descendants of the Mayflower, Dutch and British East India companies will take offense, decry it treason, and with the bounty of a life in a higher class, they will rile up and round up more crazy white boys with guns to destroy and kill your cries of justice until you grow hopeless with chasing the American promise of freedom and life and the pursuit of happiness. and shit. It’s sad, but i get the cause of the hypocrisy. For 1000 years, from Marco Polo to The Canterbury Tales to the Bible, Europe was indoctrinated with literature and fables and lies of King Arthur and other fantasies of fortune and love and destiny, their scholars brainwashed with images and stories of far and foreign lands full of women and jewels for the taking taken from Ali Baba, emboldened by Victorian era toppling of weaker tribes and nations, prompting pompous notions of human exceptional-ism through courage and violence, the kind of shit we call American bravery, only to discover it takes more than sailing across the ocean with a cross on your slave ship to fulfill the goals of reaping wealth in the new world. It takes murder. Mayhem.Exploitation. Trickery. Losing your religion and more. For a chosen few men who have navigated and controlled the murder and mayhem successfully, the wealth was been amassed, but for the majority, they are doing their best to keep the last remnants of their white male privilege in tact – an auto pass to the first class. to acknowledge this is to acknowledge the hypocrisy, and thats the first brick in the crumbling foundation, so they instead hide behind the cover of constitutionality and ‘true Americanism’ as they allow the exploitation and combat other groups pursuing the same promise of american freedom.i.e a simple life unto death.

So what does it mean? Sure we’ve come a long fucking way, but this is how its been for a while so don’t sweat it if you can’t cure racism or sexism in your lifetime. Its bigger than you. It might take 200 more years before these old white men and their preppy male offspring with the trust funds are willing to cede they aren’t solely responsible for the greatness of the nation but that doesn’t really matter to you. It shouldn’t. You are the now generation. They won’t acknowledge, but now you know. You already knew. You are out there working with people from other races, and you know how this thing is being built, together. It might be another 200 before the ruling class takes more responsibility for the trouble of the nation. They were the most willing and able to capitalize and exploit the world’s resources and colonize other nations (i.e. use violence on other humans/Americans/citizens for profit), but its been the sheer determination of the under served underclasses that have made this American society flourish and reign as a beacon of democracy. Because those classes were striven to achieve equality in this society, under the same constitution, instead of fighting against it and destroying the nation founded on it, this country flourished. In most nations, the underclass always fought to overthrow the system , but not here. Its those disenfranchised citizens who hold the banner of ‘true Americanism’ the highest, and its their fights for those indelible rights, those 10 billed rights, their fights to change the systems that inhibit, that makes American liberty mean something. It might be another 200 years before Christianity means nothing here. Before capitalism is finally seen as innately exploitative and not balanced. Or in 200 years, these systems might survive because we all still buy in. But no doubt, by then, it will be US. No one in America has ever limited the freedoms of the white guy from above the Rhine. The power is already amassed on their side because historically the US has accepted their patriarchal society as normal, their capitalist ideology as humane, and their christian religion as divine. So they are born free. Free to rape, pillage, and murder as long as they rep for the blood of white Jesus. They are presumed innocent until never indicted, though the track record and video footage may argue otherwise. White privilege is exactly this – that behavior, no matter how dangerous or consequential, can be justified using the systems and ideas put in place by European societies some thousand years ago – which we kind of said we wouldn’t do in the fucking constitution anyway. They set the game up and created the rules and the country works because we have all accepted those rights to be important in our American society – Christianity and Capitalism. Instead of dying to start a new nation, the majority of us get baptized and die eating pork meat, slaving away at Walmart, smoking a pack to get through the shift, living to die young, under a constitution endorsed one nation under god but funded by and for a couple hundred ungodly billionaires.  Since it’s working, we aint go no problems. There is no end game – now – because no end game is needed. What is the resolution for a revolution that no one thinks we need? We are too Christian and too rich to fight, just living life dumb and stressed, so we pretend to be okay with the whole world domination, child labor exploitation, earth mantle, shattering, oil exploration, Illuminati, thing. that’s the American compromise, the catch-22 of american imperialism. As long we got a piece, we’re at peace with the world going to pieces.

So what’s Americanism? It’s the result of Capitalism and Christianity on crack? Its the racist notions, the unfair methods for mayhem, and European influenced war doctrines resulting from our success as the dominant nation in a melting, modern, global world.

#1 goddamn its a potato. you bury it and walk away.

#2 magna carta to keep barons in check aka white people problems

#3 pretty much what Chechnya is about bro- the last Muslim city in Russia, and don’t forget about Castrillo Matajudios

#4 Definition of freedom of religion – do what you like and blame god. that’s why I’m Pastafarian

#5 Or maybe because Africans were already monotheistic

#6 Blame a monarchy all you want, call it western civilization or whatever – they have 1 common root – Christian religion

#7 first i take all of the land, then i tell you where you can live. wtf – rob a nigga for his brick and sell it back to him shit

#8 white guy says god approved my genocide

#9 their technique- imprisonment for being born to a lower class, or a chance at survival as an indentured worker in a foreign land- kind of like Bush and Iraq I guess

#10 Adam Weishaupt

#11 Britain stopped shipping slaves  to their British colonies in 1807 with a federal act. The zeitgeist was over. It took America another 65 years and a civil war to end the trade, and only after they stepped up the harsh treatment of captives.

#12 We call em blue bloods now

#13 Whether the Italian and Irish in WW1, women during WW2, or Blacks and Latinos in the Korean War or Vietnam, if you shoot a muthafucka for your Uncle Sam, he won’t forget. Pensions and shit baby.

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