by sharing this post i lost money, but its a must

i had a dream. i woke up and remembered it. and that in itself is a miracle. it was nothing like dr. king. maybe a little. i have a show idea. i like scandal and all these sexy ass women leading shows, but i want to see one about harriet tubman, but dramatized a bit. i call it harriet 007. i wrote three scripts for the pilot. and i need someone to get me an agent to read them. she moves from plantation to plantation, spying and training a network of spies to lead slaves to freedom with the help and sometimes without the help of the slaves, plantation owners, gentryfolk, etc. she wears disguises. she wears fake names. she has visions. she’s caught over and over. she gets whipped, but she never gives up.  i want whoopi goldberg to play the lead. put her on prime time for a few years. but its all about the guest spots. slave niggas popping up left and right. for half a season and then, lynched or something like that. lets do shemar moore first. it can end with the start of the civil war so we all can know that now, but it can last as long as you can come up with different stereotypical characters to translate into slaves or slave era characters. boom. gimme a check with fat digits. this is a mega-ism, backed by wordpress and its rights and shit. if this idea gets loose, i am suing. all you agents and tv people, cut me a check and lets read some muthafucking pages.


ryan mega


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