mr. go get it

i don’t know if im a hustler or not. i definitely aint ballin. the grind is less my control. i’m just a cog in the wheel, getting scraps as they fall of the rolling cart full of cake. trickle down economics or something. i just wish they’d stop holding it and piss on us already. but even in the tough economy of the past decade or so, i have managed to stay afloat using nothing but willpower. i don’t have a silver spoon to eat on so i definitely don’t have rich parents. i am not fortunate enough to have won the lottery and i foolishly capped my education with a bachelors degree, so there doesn’t seem to be a patent for engineering on the horizon just yet. but still, if there’s an opportunity, i’ll stalk the bitch til she’s mine.  i guess once you’ve realized its only you that can help you, you set certain standards and non-negotiables for yourself. i can’t say that i have always lived up to it, but hard work has always been one of the most important values in the make of my morality. i’m starting to realize i wasted a lot of the spoils of hard work on things and people i shouldn’t have, but that’s just rookie mistakes. i’m so thankful for the dedication and determination to succeed, the understanding that all work can be divine, and the wisdom to change the why of it all. sometimes i think i’m doing it just to challenge myself in these ways, and less to turn a dollar. the chase has always been more fun than the vacation (though they are needed). you muthafuckas better beware of when i find a true calling, cause then i’m knocking shit down like bowling balls. and my nose is twitching a lot lately. i can smell the money.



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