The Ladies of SourceFed VS. The Ladies of TYT

There is a battle a brewing on the nerdy side of the interwebs. You might not be aware of these girls at all, but chances are, if you knew who Olivia Munn was before she was Olivia Munn, well you probably know a few of them. It would be hard to find another web series or network short of Playboy’s adult side with a core of female hosts as beautiful and talented (funny, witty, smart, snarky, sexy even)  as these networks. I could ramble more, but you get it. And I would share details and make a bracket and shit like that, but that would be kind of objectifying them, and I mean, isn’t the post’s title/purpose dickish enough?

Google them. Better yet. Check out the YouTube’s and subscribe…..

SourceFed YouTube:

TYT YouTube:

(ed. note: though complex and revolt and global grind have some pretty fine girls (vallerie lora, emily oberg), they were not invited to this battle royal because they are hip hop niche, and thats an entirely different blog of its own…..ideas?)

Fin. Bitch.






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