ryan mega on opportunities

do you realize how fortunate you are right now? why? for one you are reading English on a computer which likely means you have at least shelter, very likely security, and if you surf the web the like me, you also have food. chances are you were born into the western world, the new world, the scientific abscess  that is western civilization and human evolution. while that’s not much for opportunity when you compare it to the classmate who has everything handed to him on a golden spoon, it is as great an opportunity live a happy life given in any eon of mankind. our nation is formed on the knowledge of this opportunity, the pursuit of happiness. life,  liberty and the chance to seize this fucking moment in human evolution, if only to better understand the why of what makes us all exist and to further human evolution and the human experience (LIFE duh!). if there is a higher being of man, rest assured, he won’t exist until there is utopia on earth. its not an attempt to be godlike. its natural progression.  its what separates the human species from the animal. whether you call it the third eye, the holy spirit, etc, we all believe in a higher conscious of the mind. we all have the god in us. we all can strive to be all we can be. but we need opportunities for growth to happen. we need tests. we need to know our power to fully believe it. for you there now, sitting behind that computer right now, running through websites looking at porn, your better understanding of the world and your higher being in it won’t be realized in the same way of say a 13 old kid with a computer programming book. he goes on to found Microsoft and you go on to busting nuts to interwebs. he donates billions to charity. you donate sperm. higher consciousnesses. realized.

Its going to be hard to seize the opportunity, and i’d honestly be a much better motivational speaker and life coach if i could put advice in one paragraph that worked for all. if you need help there, practice like its the big game, email me,  and i’ll get back to you before tip off. but if you are going to seize the opportunity, you have to keep your eyes open for opportunities. i don’t like that whole ‘keep your eye on the prize thing’. it’s a b.s. strategy. you mean to tell me if i don’t get that one thing, its all for not? when i didn’t make the varsity team in high school i didn’t think anything of it because i had a sexy new body from working out and i started getting laid and a little bit had to do with the training. i’m just saying. and truly, the only prize you should ever hope from this life is to die happy. i have enough friends and family gone to know that. it shouldn’t be ‘keep your eyes on the prize’. it should be ‘keep your eyes on the opportunities’. as much as people hate it when i degrees and talk sexism through the eyes of a pick up artist, the draw is still that character’s ability to seize the opportunity, that bullshit prize we all want, the beautiful girl.  do beautiful girls ever come knocking. c’mon son, you not lil wayne. ? okay then. please continue.

instead of keeping our eyes on the opportunities, we wait for opportunities. and wait. and wait. and wait.  you mean to tell me its going to find me? i be damned, i don’t have to prepare for shit then. hand me that Philly blunt and that Philly cheese steak and lets play madden, i got the classic Philadelphia eagles. if it made any fucking sense, prizes would come knocking. i mean its a fucking prize right. i should be sitting at my computer getting ready to rub one out when lo and behold, fucking Ed McMahon rings my ding dong with a big glorious fucking check in his hand. that’s a fucking prize. prizes come knocking. opportunities are scoped, stalked, hunted, and ran into the fucking ground like the crack whores that they always were. opportunities are tunnels connecting mexico to the u.s., designed to stuff all of the high purity unestepped on Bolivian you can press into a freight car. the only way that opportunity comes knocking is if you happen to trip and fall into a manhole and land on a pile of Mexicans usurpers, and even then that’s only an opportunity knocking if you happen to care about cocaine distribution and can manage to untangle the trouble you’re like wrapped in. I know, hard to follow, but the point is, opportunities are made, not happenstance. you might not be a dopeboy, but you know how to dig a fucking tunnel, so find your borders and start digging through them, one heave at time.

but its not just about that. here’s why rich people aren’t always happy. how many crabby ass rich people do we really have in the world. and still we think they have it all. but look at Oprah. look at Magic. look at Russell. they give back. they create opportunities. i bet they feel pretty good about themselves and their windfalls. so you’d think it was all about having unlimited wealth, but what’s holding us back here in this earthly realm is that once we achieve our opportunities we fail to help other achieve oppotunites. we close the tunnel. we put guards with ak-47s at both ends and shoot on site.  the pain of the struggle is never gone, because your scars, though they may heal on the surface, are always deep. perhaps its that ptsd causing pain that leaves us unable to hold the tunnel for others, but lets be real, its likely just greed and selfishness. ain’t nobody in a Utopian society got time for that. by taking advantage of opportunities and making opportunities for others we are using our maximum god given ability to make this place a more godlike place. maybe this is why peter holds a guest list at heaven. maybe not. but rest assured nothing in life is more fulfilling than chasing your dreams, achieving them, and then making that same opportunity for others.

build opportunities for other. destroy any border necessary to build a tunnel to your prize. strive for a higher more spiritually in tune self and find a path to bring heaven on earth by helping others do the same by giving assistance and alms to those who need the opportunity to find their inner god because that is the universal law.


—- ryan mega is the son of a reaper man. def jam be unto you.


this post was brought to you by a conversation about the pressures of being the eldest sibling and the first of the family to graduate college, with Monica, my new coworker at a great nonprofit in Pleasant Grove. i had little paternal influence and her Spanish speaking parents were too entangled, we cried about our missed opportunities, as we worked to provide opportunities to less fortunate kids with the same barriers we;d overcome..


**ed. note. – i am 100% aware that the the language in this post not justified by the recent post on quitting, but i wrote that before i was enlightened bitch.


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