Ryan Mega on Quitting

So I have been gone for a minute eh? Yes.  I know I said I’d go for a run with you everyday, but you like to sleep in and I just don’t have the time to watch you snooze. But I am now featuring “the story of the moment” at http://www.SexDrugsMoney.com, so no need for me to tell you about it again here right? But I’m here now, for you, so lets just dig this moment while we can eh? Because in the end, I came back, for you.  I might miss the blog diary here and there, and I might suck at the routine, but I can never quit you.


Why do we quit? Psychology Today said it was because we are focused on the wrong things, instead of the goal. How do we stay resilient? By keeping our eyes on the prize silly, duh! If you feel like quitting, remember why you started, look at how far you came and then determine if that prize is worth continuing for. If you only notice the pain you endured on the journey, well, why wouldn’t you want to stop, drop, and quit right where you stand?


In my personal life, I almost quit something very important recently. But with this new frame of review, it was easier to see what I had already accomplished and what I had to gain by continuing. No journey is without obstacles, and indeed if it were, I’d take the road less traveled still, because I do want to be a man made from his own unique experiences.


Never quit. Never give up. Relax. Take a break. Reevaluate. Then get back on the horse. And ride. You don’t always have to gallop. A trot will get you there just fine. You don’t have to run in with your Calvary. You just need to get back on that horse, and have to know how and where you want to ride. The rest is an equestrian walk through the park. So enjoy it.


“ride it like a pony or you’ll get a haircut”

 – Hannah Horvath

This post is inspired by my knuckle head cousins and little brother, who are less  like me than I want to admit and will be nothing like me no matter how I try to influence, along with their actions that have forced me to realize sometimes its better to lead by example,  and my quitting of “coaching” the dreams out of them. Life is what you make it.  I quit trying to talk life to you. I can’t really help anyone’s life but mine at this point, so from this point on, I can only live for myself, in the spirit of life from he who created me, and for the fate of my dreams. May my actions and failures be a life testament to chasing those dreams, and nothing more.

— Ryan Mega

Ryan Mega is a semi optimistic resiliency expert specializing in weapons diagnostics and recognizance missions in NE Tulsa, apparently.



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