Daily Run 04/15/14 (Tax Day Edition)

Sex News

1. A Better Way to Prevent Sexual Assault

2. Does Obamacare cover Abortion?

Drug News

1. Danny Brown on quitting Drugs

2. Miller High Life Commercial

3. Cannabis vs Cannabis Oil, A New Move in the TN Legislature…

4. Shorter Prison Terms Coming in Mandatory Sentencing for Drug Charges

5. Of Course Eric Holder Smoked Pot. He’s Black Right?

6. Happy People Get More Stoned: A Study

7. Hawaii Legislature Approves Study of Hemp

8. Vice X Silk Road Drug Lords

9. Spring is For Stoners

10. Motel 6 with Weed. Its called a Bud and Breakfast and Its coming to you soon? Rather, you’re going to it soon.

11. Vice X Uruguayan President (w/ Weed)

12. Hooray! Brick Weed is Dying!

Money News

1. How To Spend the Tax Return Wisely

2. How to Get Er Done – The Tax File

3. Should Chicago Have an City Tax

4. NYC is Segregated. Duh. In other news…. 

5. No Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight. Who loses? Who suffers?

6. Billionaire’s Advice For New College Grads

7. Byzantine Tax Codes?

8. Lady Gaga Not a Conservationists. You don’t say…

9. Simplify Your Finances

10. Money Map of Chicago’s Population Drift

11. Strike At Garment Factoryfor Nike, Other Brands

12. Why the Indie Bookstore is the Perfect Model For Small Business in America

13. Terrell Owens Owes IRS Dough, Pay Your Taxes

14. State Income Tax in Tennessee and How It Affects Rich Ass Athletes: An Expose

15. Should You Get a Tax Deduction For you Gym Membership? A Healthy America Says Yes

16. What a 1040 Used to Look Like

17. Calm Down, Its Just Tax Day

18. The highest and lowest paying counties in the US Tax Zone

19. 62% of Americans want a flat tax

20. Start a Cleaning Business

21. Damian Lilliard Gets A Shoe Deal

 Men’s News

1. Emmy Rossum Period.

2. Best Burritos in America?

3. Serena Williams Strikes A Pose, Serves it up for Fitness mag

4. ClothSurgeon Looks Coming Soon For The Fashion Types

6. $6 Tee Shirts

7. Best Selling Shoes in March. Hop on The Dilznik!

8. French Montana is Now a Fashion Lord

9. Athletes Who Lost Their Swag

10. Model in a See Through Shirt

 Women’s News

1. Black Women Progression- A Review of the last 50 Years

2. ‘Women Make Less So They Can Marry Up. Duh’ Says Republican Congresswoman

3. Athlete Bodies. I guess Chicks might dig this.

4. Cameron Diaz X Kate Upton, Comments

5. How to Clean a Skillet Bitch.

6. More Reasons Why People Need to Chill the Fuck Out with Stereotypes X Bad Jokes

7. My BF Has a Small PP. Should I Dump Him?

8. TX Politics. Wendy Davis Unpopular Says Source Not Close To Wendy Davis or Something

9. UofMizzou – “We fucked up.”


1. Racist or Not? The Awl Attacks Wealthy Jews on Passover

2. WWE Tribute to Utlimate Warrior video via Complex.com

3. Man Sentenced to 18 Months for Pissing on the Alamo

4. Are People Born Nice or Nasty

5. Oklahoma vs. Neil De Grasse, True or False?


1. Kurt Cobain X William Burroughs

2. Stream Thee Oh Sees ‘Drop

3. Bill Maher X Pussy Riot

4. Homeboy Sandman X Paul White

5. Cam’ron X Instagram

6. Mr mFn eXquire drops a new one. You like him or you loathe him right?

7. Chicago’s Veruca Salt back.

8. Kelis Cooks and Mixes a Playlist For Us

9. 20 Best Lines on Illmatic per XXL


1. Guns – Beauty in the Beast

2. HomeMade Tee Shirt Press Advice

3. How to Create a Gif from a Video using Photoshop

4. How to Make a Card Catalog Coffee Table

5. How Should I Refinish This Table? Its Mexican, so I’m thinking with refried beans...

6. Tom of Finland Postage Stamps (Now With More GAy ASS

7. Do You Know Brassai?

GIFilte Fish of the Day

1. GoT Dragon Lady Meme

2. Blood Moon

3. #1 Rule. Trust No 1.

4. Dog Getting Its Groove On

5. Run and Gun Team Running Gif

6. Shakira’s Booty

7.  Emma Watson GIFS


1. The best Family Feud moment of all time

2. Watch The Video. Donate to the Dog Fund in New Zealand.

3. White Kids Say The Darnedest Things

4. Wolf of Wall Streets Should’ve Been Trailer



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