Daily Run 04/14/14

RIP Joffrey Baratheon

Sex News

1. More Signs You Are Not Ready For a Serious Relationship

2. Should College Rankings Include Sexual Assault Reports?

3. Ohio Must Respect The Union Says Feds..even if its Civil. Will OH Secede in Response?

 4. Sex in the Water – Is it Safe?

Drug News

1. Complex Ranks Drugs Because That’s What The Cool Kids Do These Days

2. Now That Weed is Legal in CO, The Crime Rate is Going….Down. And the cause, less home invasions!

3. Smoking Toddler Vine. The Wrong.

4. God’s Plant

5. Medical Marijuana Dispensary coming to Plainfield?

Money News

1. NY Hookers saving dough with AirBNB. What You Can Learn.

2. Tesco’s coming back with F&F. I Blame H&M.

3. Jumei.com Got the Chinese Lip Gloss Game on Lock. Going PUBLIC with 400 Mil US IPO

4. Town Bans Pastor From Feeding Homeless Because They Are A Godless People

5. Budget Deficit In March, Lowest since 2000…Mums the word tho.

6. Should You Decide Where Your Taxes Go?

7. Absolute Power Corrupts: Spotlight – US Politics

 8. What If I Can’t Pay My Taxes?

Men’s News

1. What Age Does A Player Peak?

2. Bruce Lee talks Martial Arts

3. Pornstar Checks Herself Out for the First Time. Can you say denial?

4. How to Make General Tso’s Chicken at Home

5. On Game, by a Brazilian Fellow

6. McKayla Maroney X Coachella

Women’s News

1. Summer Buy: Great Sunglasses for Under $100

2. Lupita Gets Over. Who Wins?

3. Why Cosmo is Getting Serious About Reproductive Rights Coverage

 4. Morroccon Women Demonstrate

5. Gender Wage Gap Shrinking in only place. An Expose!

6. Woman Lit or Sexist Lit- You Be the Judge

6. Melissa Harris Perry X bell hooks


1. Bombs Over Baghdad…yeah. Bombs under Berlin? Que?

 2. TYT Acts Like They are on to something, but clearly their map traces the plotlines for Spanish and African populations who were brought to America only because they worked the tropical climates better than paleface whiteys. Why Conservatism is the only question.


1. Famous Composers Doing Normal Shit

 2. MOP X Uncle Murda- Back Block

3. Tala – Serbia

4. High Times X Matisyahu..mostly about weed, but its here so read it.

5. New Music from London Grammar


1. an illustration

2. On ‘Say Anything’ and the end of the second teen movie era (I just coined this. The first is those surfer movies from Annette Funicello to the Grease and American Graffiti era).

3. Banksy’s Latest…Maybe.

4. More Evidence Bush Sucks Dickballs

5. Martin Creed

GIFilte Fish of the Day

1. Cool Animated GIF for an Album Cover. Thank Me Later.


1. African Action Movies be like…

2. Tia Hollywood WebCandy by XXL. NSFW clearly.

3. Remember Nickelodeon’s ‘Hey Dude’ (it was no ‘Salute Your Shorts’, but granted). They Found the Ranch.

4. Alicia Keys X Kendrick Lamar

5. Gambino Goes Crazy in Video


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