Daily Run 04/13/14 (Weekend Recap, Late Edition)

If You Like Lake Bell and/or this image, do rent “In A World” then go Buy It!


Sex News

1. Chase Doesn’t Do Sex Work, Condom Businesses Included Thank You Very Much

2. Test Tube Pussies Are Here!!!

3. How To Be An Amazing Kisser

4. Girls Picking Up Girls

Drug News

 1. Oklahoma Weed Debate, Continued…

2. Pete Guither’s Drug scRoll

3. State Lawmaker Want To Ban E-Cigs, In Illinois. TX 1. IL 0.

4. There is a Based God: Weed Vending Machines hit Colorado.

Money News

1. Money Saving Tips For Touring Chicago This Summer

2. Borgata Casino Gets Beat By Card Shark For 10 Million… Sound Fraudulently Fishy. You Be the Judge

3. Slate says Maybe Jonas Salk Should’ve Got Paid for the Polio Vaccine?

4. Gawker Says Audits Are Going To Be Low, So Cheat on Your Taxes…Sounds like Bait to Me

5. Rahm Emanuel’s Soda Tax causing Chicagoans to go fucking crazy(er)

6. Pacquiao’s Win Means IRS Wins… Here’s How

Men’s News

1. Buying Antiques- The Pro Way

2. Guy Envy: Morgan Otani’s Shoes

3. Did you hear what Kate Upton said about her boobs just so we could post more pics of her boobs?

4. Jefe’s Basic Principle to Change Your Life- A Repost

5. Lake Bell in Esquire

Women’s News

1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley Open House

 2. Karyn Washington. Black Girl. Lost.

3. The Army Goes Anti Black Girl Hair Because Lets Face It, Bo Derek Didn’t Do Twisty Hair Like They Do So Who The Fuck Else Is This Aimed At

4. Homegirl rants about a pic from back in the day proposing what Americans will look like in 2050. Does she have an argument?

5. Big Momma Sues Subway for Harassment

6. 10 Things in Your Closet You’ll Probably Never Wear

7. Is Europe A Single Black Woman’s Promisedland? 


1. On Letterman: ODE to Letterman

2. On Coachella: Bastille Featuring Angel Haze Performing Weapon   Haim’s Head of Fan Club Nas and Jay Z Bust an Illmatic Duet Chance X Beiber    Foxygen’s Full Set    Haim’s Full Set   Future Islands Full Set Outkast Full Performance

3. On Game of Thrones: Sandor Clegane X Omar: HBOs Blood Brothers Is the Creator of GoT a Feminist?


1. PartyNextDoor- West District Single for Download- is OVO the Squad to Watch now?

2. Kay Slay Featuring The Outlawz and Onyx – Either This is going to be a classic or a dud. Jump down the rabbit hole and let me know?

3. Katie Got Bandz from the Chi freestyle over ChiRaQ beat

4. Lil Boosie and Young Buck: Rocking Off Briley Pkwy at the Municipal in Cashville

5. New Boots shiznit

6. Jason Derulo Album Stream. Maybe….


1. The 15 Most Decadent Movies Made

2. NYT Arts Book Review: Red Love

3. New Yoirker Arts Book Review: Linda Warren’s new book

4. Vice Presents an excerpt from an Underground Guide to New Orleans

G.I.F.ilte Fishing of the Day

1. Dita Von Teese Jelly Roll: A Gifollection

2. Rihanna Has Me Gffy Whipped

3. For the Ladies: MLB Player in Tights

4. MegaMan Final Smash X BlackStreets Back… Alright… I guess.


1. 10 Facts About Evolution

2. Horny Dog Hops Fence to Hit and Run

3. TYT interviews Russell Simmons and Shit




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