Daily Run 04/10/14

RIP Ultimate Warrior – You were the greatest to ever walk in the ring



Sex News

1. Who’s Pussy is This? On Open Relationships.

2. Man Denies Breaking in House….To Order Porn

3. Grab your pubic combs and get those lice and crab treatments back out. Bush is Back. No, not George. But BUSH!

Drug News

1. If all doctors take a Hippocratic oath, what oath do lethal injectors uphold. ThinkProgress ponders this Hypocratic Oath

2. Innis and Gun Toasted IPA – Scotland’s Finest Brew coming to American soon?

3. Tennessee Hemp Law goes to next steps

4. 250,000 People Were Deported For Drug Offenses since 2008. WOW 😦 

5. U.S Sentencing Commission Votes to Lower Mandatory Sentences. Ahem, lower, not do away with. Baby steps.

Money News

1. Ohio Republican is anti-union so of course that goes for college kids too. Something tells me he’s connected to Ohio State University’s booster program.

2. Watch out Nike. Here’s come Gucci Athletics (again. sort of.)

3. Does your Company give back to the community? Maybe they should. Here’s why.

Men’s News

1. Guyism’s latest list: another secrets from a girlfriend sort of post

2. Supreme X Brooks Brothers. The rumor is true. Now what do we expect?

3. 12 Best Wines Under 12 Bucks

4. White Girls in Cabo. Spring Break. Say no more. Enjoy.

Women’s News

1. Woman gets raped at Christian College; higher ups tell her to repent for her sins.

2. Is Famine a Feminist Issue? Slate.com says Yes, Its is. So much for father’s being providers eh Slate?


4. Tje 13 Worst Names For Vagina

5. Little Girls Dressed As Great Women


1. Kim and Kanye prove that Vogue’s readers are assumed to be as homogeneously white as Vogue’s editing staff wants them to be. Maybe now we can get a high fashion magazine dedicated to African American beauty. I am sure we can find at least one black celebrity per month that we can put in a dress and sell magazines. We’ll see if those who expected low sales to agree.

2. Westboro Baptist Church plays BuzzFeed quizzes to find out who they truly are (besides a congregation of douche bags.) 



1. Teebs is DOING London soon. Check him out now.

2. 10 Musicians who got the call to the big leagues (TV).

3. Miami mayor cancels EDM fest Ultra, and has the video footage to back his decision.

4. Chicago Rapper Blood Money Talks About His Life in Chicago Just Days Before He was Killed

5. Raekwon minus Wu???? Fuck the questions. Just enjoy “The Living Room”

6. Premo X Lady of Rage? Yep. And worth the listen.


1. Bruce Gilden has a new book at Thames & Hudson worth checking out. For fans and practitioners of Street Photography, this book is an essential.

2. Here’s proof that not all drag queens look like Wendy Williams. Photos of Drag Queens from KCMO in 1960 prove even then, style was key.

3. Design: 25 DIY Projects for Tiny Ass Living Rooms

4. NYT Art and Design on ‘American Sex Room’ and more.

G.I.F.ilte Fishing of the Day

1. Little Cocaine Doggy is ready to SHAKE IT BABY

2. Is Paul Robertson the dopest of GIFfer of all time?

3. Little Girls Kick It Judo Style


1. Hannibal Buress breaks down the insane lyrics of 90’s RandB, a time when Rapping and Bullshit was dominated by lyrics that only R.Kelly should have written.

 2. Jay Z and Life and Times present Robinson Cano’s Where I’m From (FULL)

3. Scary Spice is still top 5 Dead or Alive…. and here’s why (okay maybe top 50).

4. Citizen throws shoe at Hillary Clinton in Vegas, misses the jackpot.


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