IT’S BACK!!!! The Daily Run Column

Unlock the Magic of the Internet with Ryan Mega

Previously, when I labeled a post “Daily Run” the theme was a bit different. But in coming back to blogging/writing on this site, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t have a “Daily Run”, where I share small, non-creative writings AND a “How I Won The Internet” posts, where I document what I’ve read online that morning or day. So I’ve combined both themes and carried over the label for any post that references outside sites. If I am not doing a review or adding a genuine and original opinion to content found on another site, I can share the links and have you click on them and draw your own conclusion. If the post or story linked triggers stronger opinions, I’ll write a true opinion on that topic and post it. I know this explanation matters to no one, but as I’ll be pushing alot more content online in the next 90 days, I wanted to lay the blueprint on my posts and scheduling. If you look at my twitter, you’ll see that I have the hashtag #sexdrugsmoneyapproved linked to many of the days stories. I’ve decided that this format is best to limit the number of tweets on a daily basis (and save more followers) and provide an index to go back to on site. If you have already read or reviewed the articles in the post, please do leave a comment and let me know your take on it. I’ll do my best to organize posts in a logical format, so NSFW content isn’t surprisingly opened at work. In the end, we want to drive the #sexdrugsmoneyapproved hash tag from this site. If you see it here first, share it with the hashtag and you could win prizes. More on these rewards as we get this campaign started and get back to posting regular scheduled awesomeness.


Ryan Mega is a muthafucking magician of the highest sorcery and you muthafuckas are Willow Ufgood- midget ass nomads trying to figure how to capture this magic.


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