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When you think Cool Kids, automatically you think bass. Not just bass, but dope boy bass. And with one listen, you feel that bass. Its that crack house rattling bass, heavy enough to give you flashbacks of crack babies on the evening news and nightmares of dark alleys you never knew.


The Hydro Blunts:



Turn up your amp and light that bleezy. Tell that big booty girl to come as close to you ass that phat ass will allow. And if you sipping some yac or some vodka, hopefully you sippin straight. This is why we came.  A Cool Kids reunion a dope ass song to boot.  Download this joint and keep it very high in your rotation for a few weeks. Its the kind of song that becomes you like Puff and Big on “All About the Benjamins”. But no drinking and driving if you become drunk from too much swervin.


Came Thru

“Getting turned like a page do”.. The new Easy E and Ice Cube help Chuck with the second best song on the mix. Mac Miller gets the kids familiar with DMT after Ab Soul sets it off like only a black lipped bastard can and Chuck’s verse closes things out nicely. The song gives you just enough without giving too much, ending with the instrumental fading out over the final 16 bars.

Money Clip

Vic Mensa, Retch, Hassani Kwess, and Sulaiman bar after bar after bar after bar is the theme. With a sample chorus and a steady drum giving the boom bap, the verses keep coming and the song keeps the heightened tempo long enough to be dope and steady enough to be enjoyable. The song is a repeater, if only to keep u p with the speed of the lyrics.


Action Bronson opens up a nice little track that comes off something like a classic. The beat, with its simple, drums and glassy percussion, screams posse cut like the Beatnut’s produced joints of yesteryear that this reminds me of. Unfortunately, its just Chuck and Action. And with Action pushing easy delivery with lines like “See me with the gold frame intelligent thug no prescription, smoking weed is my addiction“, well how can a Tom Ford framed player like me not want more and more. Damn, at least Chuck could have put another Sir Michael verse on this one to stretch the time stamp.


This is the Cool Kids zone that Chuck created and he still knows how to do his thing on these joints. Close your eyes and imagine it was 1996 again. This joint with its soprano on a saxophone sample on repeat and new jack swing are definite on the mix you play on your way out on your night – with your girl, with your crew, with your blunt and the city. The stillness is the move. This joint captures the groove. One for the crew, put it in the air.


The Reggie Joints:


The lead track on the mix. It sets the tone for the collection. And with a mix called Convertible, the song is perfect for cruising and scheming on pretty girls up and down Lake Shore Drive. Unfortunately, its just over freezing right now in the city of wind, so this one will have to wait a few months to hit the rotation. Unfortunately X 2, it might not be memorable enough to get a play come may. With subpar guest verses from Buddy and Polyester the Saint, it ends up being an elevator taking you to nowhere.


BJ The Chicago Kid belts a chorus built for the simp in me and the new jack beat does enough to make this a favorite for your lady. Be sure to play it around her. In fact, you might only play it around her after one listen, but that’s fine. She needs something other than Drake on her playlist after all.


Chance definitely saved this. And the horns of course. Horns will do that for a mediocre rap song usually – more producers should take notice of T.R.O.Y. Just kidding purists. Macie Stewart adds the right touch without adding too much more. But when I think of all the positive songs which I have clutch so closely as inspirational, I know this has got to be influenced by the likes of Common, Erykah Badu, and The Roots. Its just too jazzy not to be.


The Roach Clips:




This song bites ass. I know its a dope mix if you are in a swanky little lounge with a couple of cocaine loving hipster girls, but how few and far between is that experience, even for me. I don’t know a good disco loop from a bad one because I was born in a time when disco wasn’t respected, so for me, anything that sounds like Dee-Lite Groove Is in The Heart must be decent to good. And I know Chromeo kicks ass. Or so people who boogie tell me. So I would definitely give it a critical thumbs up. After all, how often do you get a collab like this. But in the end, this is a b-side track that shouldn’t have gotten any placement on this mix. It fucks with homogeneity of things.



A little salsa anyone? With Cap Angels spitting a chorus or two in Spanish, you should definitely want to cha-cha a little at least. The production is the worst of Miami and the best of west coast influences on hip hop bass music. altogether, it doesn’t do enough to warrant a second listen and does a lot to push the mixtape to the temporary file in the rotation.



If the appropriation of Chinese instruments and misplacement of the flutes and guitar sections don’t get you, the corny ass singing will take you aback. If that doesn’t do it, you’re going to hate Chuck’s voice on his flow and if you still haven’t cried mercy by the time the beat drops at the 3:15 mark, you my friend, are the ultimate warrior. And clearly a huge fan of the Chuckster.


Shitty Lullaby

Digital Underground should be able to sue for the horrible rip of their classic for this throwaway chorus. If this mix didn’t already have a few songs just as bad, this song might be more forgivable, but when you weigh it as a part of the collection, it stands as the best of the shitty songs. On a positive note, the bass guitar does sound really good turned up loud, but because of the song’s lyrical content, it doesn’t come off as anything I’d want to add to my deejay mix.



The beat has like a xylophone/harp sliding simplicity that lets you know its going to be lackadaisical and the lyrics and energy are enough to put you to sleep. Which sucks because its the next to last song. The other words i have for this song aren’t any better, so I’ll stop talking shit here.



Final Verdict: This mix probably won’t make it a second week, but the beats might make it to the summer if I can find them online. With only 5/13 songs showing quality, it doesn’t seem like it would get the stamp of approval from me, but the instrumentals alone are almost worthy. Plus I really don’t think this could have been much better if didn’t have the roach clips (even there, the beats aren’t horrible). I’ll definitely be on the look out for the instrumental collection, and I’m hoping it comes sooner than later, but I’m okay with this one playing a bit longer before Chuck drops the beats only version.

Ryan Mega is a dog owner and animal expert living in Dallas, Texas. He listens to hip hop music whilst practicing taxidermy and yoga.




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