on JR Writer – Writer’s Block 6: Extended Clip

Click to Download from DatPiff.com

Click to Download from DatPiff.com


JR Writer is still one of the better lyricists in NY. The problem, as we all know, is that it ain’t much about lyrics in NY right now. Though Fred the Godson, Action Bronson, ASAP Mobb, and few other new acts are boasted for their lyrical ability, their sound and aim are more commercial and clean than JR Writer, who’s best attempts are relegated to being forgettable summer heaterz at best. On one listen of WB6, its evident that this is Writer’s comfort zone because he stays in pocket with lyrics, backed by the various non regional tracks throughout, as we have come to expect since volume 1 from this series. Writer hasn’t been shy of the pop beat; he is one of the first NY emcees to appreciate and rap over the pop sounding club beat and/or embrace the down south bounce, 808s, bass drums and all (its a DIPSET thing, probably), but unlike other emcees who water down their lyrics to make easily digestible dumbed down verses, Writer only let’s up on the penmanship when he tries his hand at making a pop chorus. And this is and has always been the good and the bad of JR Writer. On Writer’s Block 6: Extended Clip, the listener gets a good dose of both of these versions of Writer. The best songs from this 13 track collection are purely lyrical, a verse and verse, or songs clearly co authored, such as the Ron Browz infused Triple Up (the only song from the tape that seriously needs consideration for addition to the club rotation, if only a few days on your ipod shuffle mix you bump for your pregame before the club). The tracks worth skipping sound like Writer was alone in the studio creating straight caca, trying to check in every box for every possible fan before calling the mix complete. And well, you know the saying about trying to please everybody.

This mix is #sexdrugsmoneyapproved. Here’s the breakdown.

The Hydro Blunts:


Writer still one of the best lyrically and he runs through a myriad of reasons why on a medley made by Spectacula. Best part- Spectacula’s flip on MJ’s Billie Jean. That segment should last much longer. Like an entire song longer. Writer killed it.

Triple Up

Ron Browz assisted. Not as powerful or unique as Browz other or older shit we know him for (Pop Champagne), but likely because his style is minimalist. and familiar. That takes nothing from the goodness of the track. Just right.

Makes No Sense

This track is the epitome of why you love or hate JR Writer. Dope lyrics (skip to my lou in that Rafer Alston (Aston)) over beats good enough for the ATL and DC shake joints.


Styling on em lyrically. Dope line about “house holding” broke rappers and a decent chorus make it worth repeating a few times.

Sick As Me

A very dope unaccredited guest helps writer along on this one (but not so dope i rushed to check the internet for the credit). Watch out for the Writer line about the “lyrics without the skirt”. My sentiments exactly.

Fake Ones

This is the lyrical shit we wanted. Its like a piece of Dipset history minus the ByrdGang. Papoose and Fred Money bring their best on the StoopidontheBeat produced track.


If JR Writer makes music for the cats in the blacked out whips passing blunts low as they creep through the night, then this is their theme song.

The Reggie Joints:

Good Day

There are many times when Writer’s lyrics and beat choice just don’t pan out. Good Day is a prime example. “I don’t know you I wouldn’t sell your ass a dream” over a beat that sounds like it was made in 2007 just ain’t doing it.


Imagine if JR Writer linked up with Lloyd the singer and Jermaine Dupri to make a song. You’d get this. If I didn’t know any better, I might have caught myself nodding to this, but I know better, and there is no way I can nod in agreement. Its lacking everything that Lloyd brought to that 8ball and MJG joint this song so desperately wants to be and the adlibs are not even JD good.

The Roach Clips:

Thunda or Nothin

This is just bad. How about you tell me why I should listen to it bad.

Told You So

This song is decent, but too much like the others without being different enough to warrant placement. A snippet of this would have made a great addition to the into medley.

That Thunda

Somewhere JR Writer’s #1 female fan is listening to this and finger popping herself into the best orgasm she will ever have. Scratch that. Somewhere JR Writer’s only female fan is finger popping herself into the best orgasm she will ever have.  This song is for her, because it can’t be for us.


Final Verdict: worth a half dozen listens, and a definite addition for the die hard Dipset/JR Writer fans. Other artists going away on bids have done worse and in that perspective it would disrespectful to not check Writer’s shit one time.

Ryan Mega

Ryan Mega is a part time record storage clerk with dreams of getting out of the file cabinet game and opening a real fucking record store, even it sucks ala High Fidelity.


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