happy 3.2.1. Day – the year of the new dawn

It officially here, 3,2,1 Day. For the past 180 days, I have completely and purposefully put all forward progression on pause to stop and reflect on my recent 90 days, my last year, and align my path in life with my daily habits and you know what I realized? I am a fucking loser. For 30 yesars, I have been walking the earth expecting but not creating. Good things come to those who hustle, and I was hustling small time, so I guess I only got small things. The thing is, this life is so definite, and my past year has made it more real than before- and by it, I mean that fact that I am going to die, and maybe sooner than I expect. But if I am going to die, and I know it, I need to have that much more a fervour for creating. I am 30+ no sons no daughters. I inherited a gentleman’s club with no locale experience or knowledge of how to run a business (or fight to keep). I went to college because I didn’t know what to expect from a life with only a high school diploma and then signed away my financial freedom on 50K in student loans because I expected instant job offers upon graduation. Have I learned anything about how to create opportunities? Not in my public schools (but I can diagram the shit out of sentence, sometimes). Why this realization? Because of the events in the past year of course, stupid (duh!). But more than that, as I matured through those events, I realized that the world is full of creator and destroyers and if you aren’t creating, you’re usually destroying. And its only one way to know what side of the fence you’re own. If god were to ask (or anyone walking really) “what have you done for me lately?”, what would the answer be? What have you made lately? Was it created out of love and determination and would you stand by it? Would you die for it? (Or the freedom to create more of the same?) If you can’t asnwer that or if your answer is more about taking you’re doing it wrong. Shine the light. Its a new dawn. Time to get out and create a new gift to god. As I always say, peace comes to those who hustle. our only faith should be with the heavens and the afterlife. the rest is creating and destroying. from marriage to divorce. hook up to abortion. we create and destroy. so i’ve learned to focus there. on the creating and destroying. we expect too much from life. i’ve learned to expect today to be my last. its the only true way to respect life. And if I should make it to tomorrow, may my life be a honor to god’s utlimate creation, mankind.

Ryan Mega


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