on House of Cards

What are you watching? For me, I found out its mostly 30 minute sitcoms. I don’t miss an episode of Parks and Recreation, The New Girl, (and even Girls) but when it comes to hour long shows, I just don’t have the time (too busy thinking bout my baby). So for a man that hates to watch TV while breathing, giving an hour to a show written and made to sell foot powder seems a little like a waste of life. There are some good ones out there. There’s Breaking Bad, of course right. Resurrection. And Scandal and Deception (and I think Being Mary Jane is too; coincidence huh?). I think most of the national reality shows are 1 hour long, so you can miss me there. Let’s just say that I have been off the 1 hour show before Lost. Before Dexter. Since the ending of The Wire I guess. I say I want to but usually don’t fine myself rushing to watch or record Game of Thrones much. Sure you can catch me on my couch scratching my balls watching Bar Rescue here and there but I am not really going to carve out an hour of my time for a show when the world is moving around me for that hour still. Its just not my thing. I like to be out in the world. That’s why I dig Netflix. It let’s me purge when needed. And I accidentally found a reason to purge. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are fucking awesome in House of Cards. I expected HBO’s weak ass Newsroom (so weak they keep telling you who produced it instead of the plotline), but what I viewed was Kevin Spacey at his best and Robin Wright acting like the stone cold wife piece real politicians wish they had in their wives. Yes the accent helps. No the show isn’t perfect. But for the last 2 mornings, season 1 has been my down ass bitch and I really have to go for a bike ride today to keep from watching season 2 and ruining my weekend. So yea, FUCK YEA House of Cards!


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