project tulsa: a view of the river

I want to get this post up before I move on to my work week. It’s not that I really care, but I need to throw an editor’s statement or something up for any loser hater people who think I was throwing shade at Oklahoma in my previous post on skin tone preference in the black community. I was just back there and a few friends who read it seemed to take issue. I know its probably just OK pride, but still, this and that post were written with love and honesty in mind. That said, I have some good news. I am setting up an office in Tulsa. We’ll be in MidTown, with a view of the river, in a skyrise on Denver. Should we do a party? Would you come? This year, I’ll be in the 74115 about 100 days. So not only can you hate me online Oklahomans, but maybe, just maybe you can catch me in the streets and spit in my face if you really are feeling bothered and bold. I know I’m exaggerating a bit with every post, but if people can’t take a little farce then said people shouldn’t be here. Its’s a blog called “How To Be A Gangster” written by a law hungry, rebellious noncomformist, feminist, womaniing, race man with a collegiate knowledge and the high brow pomposity of a hipster music star. Bitch, I’m a contradiction wrapped in an oxymoron tucked inside a bean burrito. Which means take it all with a shot of sake because its supposed to be a fun time. I’m just trying to put some truth in it, you know, like a good joke.

Let’s call a. truce Tulsa. Don’t shoot up my Jetta. Peace. Swag.

Ryan Mega

Ryan Mega is a social engineer of the finest caliber, but he really wants to be a birdy-dermist to the stars. Help me.


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