How to Choose a Flower For A Girl

(editor’s note: This was originally written for in 2011, so if anything is dated, its simply because its a repost. The information is just as valid now as it was then, so enjoy!)

How to Choose a Flower For A Girl

By Ryan Mega

I have never bought a rose for a girl.  I’m not a big fan of them.  Luckily, the girls I have dated are even less in love with them.  Guys will get a rose without hesitation, not realizing the deep symbolism that flowers and women share.  That is an opportunity missed.  Leave the roses for the deathbeds.

The easiest thing to do is to go to the florist and buy a bouquet.  I’m sure they’ll stick some roses in there.  But with little real effort, you can pick your own unique expression to enamor the heart of your lady friend.

There are three rules to follow.  You don’t even have to follow them all, but the more that you adhere to, the higher the success of said enamored excursions, if you know what I mean.

Rule # 1:  Buy a flower in the same color that she wears.  If you don’t know her favorite color, match the flower to her eyes, purse, or shoes.

Rule # 2: Go for the bouquet.  No, not the prearranged or twelve of a kind variety.  Craft a bouquet of unique colors and flowers.  (Hint: There is no rule that says 12 flowers make a bouquet. Get creative.)

Rule # 3: Find the meaning or history on her favorite flower.  Find a poem that relates to it.  Put it on a card with the bouquet.

Pictorial :


Lilies are known to be the May birth flower; white lilies symbolize chastity and virtue – and were the symbol of the Virgin Mary’s purity

(Editors Note: do not buy lilies for a girl who isn’t a prude. if she has tattoos, drinks and curses like a sailor, and talks shit about other girls, this won’t knock her off her feet, so limit the number of lilies in bouquet. if she is the modern day Virgin Mary, line em up and move em out with lilies )


Brings a message of innocence and purity; A white daisy symbolizes common love. A red daisy represents beauty that is unknown to the possessor.

(Editors Note: In the classic novel, The Great Gatsby, the main attraction is a beautiful flapper by the name of Daisy. If you know the book, know this character IS the flower. If you don’t know the troubled and gifted young Daisy that Hemingway wrote of, give this to the lady who has everything and fails to realize what she lost to get it all- true love)


Yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty; red symbolizes “perfect love”

(Editors Note: This flower is birthed in the Iberian Peninsula, and Northern Africa, which holds a dear significance if you give it to a woman of middle eastern or north African descent, but for other women, give it to them because it, unlike the rose, is the true symbol for romantic love. Here’s More on the Arab thing)


The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength

(Editors Note: you know that spiel i made about Lilies? Well this here flower is for the women  that have overcome some battles, have the scars of life to show it, and live each day as if its their last for that reason. Unlike other flowers, with their rounded petals, the orchid’s petals grow at angles and edges even Pythagorean couldn’t measure- each as unique as a snowflake, yes – each petal is as beautiful yet unique. This is for the girl who lives each day with the same spirit.)


Long a symbol of love and passion, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love.

(Editors Note: Symbolism in a rose? A rose is but a rose….thorns and all. This flower is so trite and overused, you should only use it if you need to round off the bouquet. Its the toilet paper of the florist community. Don’t be that guy.)


These flowers, though meaningful, aren’t really eye catchers in my opinion and for that reason, should be used at different times of year. Since this is sort of an annual valentines day post, i’ll save my editor’s notes for some other time.


Flower-Gathering by Robert Frost

I LEFT you in the morning,
And in the morning glow,
You walked a way beside me
To make me sad to go.
Do you know me in the gloaming,
Gaunt and dusty gray with roaming?
Are you dumb because you know me not,
Or dumb because you know?All for me And not a question
For the faded flowers gay
That could take me from beside you
For the ages of a day?
They are yours, and be the measure
Of their worth for you to treasure,
The measure of the little while
That I’ve been long away.


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