Wendy Davis, for Whatever

If it was up to me, I’d pick an Elizabeth Warren/Wendy Davis ticket for president/VP, undoubtedly as a litmus test for the consciousness of the conservative electorate. If there is one thing that pushed Obama into office and will keep conservatives out of office long term, it’s the subject of women’s rights (2014 right?). Though Obama’s defense of congressional legislation against women’s rights has been close to non existent, the contrary opinion, stripping all reproductive rights, for example, has been chiefly conservative., nationally and locally (Thanks Tea Party). What do you suppose they’d say if Wendy Davis and Elizabeth Warren were on a national ticket? Let’s just agree they won’t use endearing words. Regardless of how they may be demeaned, no one else is standing up for the little woman like these two are and will. Davis, with her political grandstand on abortion rights, and Warren, in her actions to get retribution for families suffering from corrupt lending practices, often act as singular voices when helping progress woman’s issues. It is likely that Warren will stay in her role busting balls on Wall Street and it is more likely that Wendy Davis will run for state government again, albeit governor, but even if you can’t see yourself supporting them on a national ticket (Hillary Factor? or are ya sexist bud?), they are definitely in need of your attention and support.

Why? Because you can’t be neutral on a moving train muthafucker and this train has been in motion quite some time now. Don’t act brand new. This isn’t the one guy in NC who has one black friend and thinks all black people are the same. You can’t be half ass when it comes to women’s rights. You have to be 100% on board. Unlike minority issues, with say, affirmative action or immigration reform, we should universally understand the plight of women and the scope of reform needed, even if we fail to acknowledge the necessity of it. We are all sons and daughters with mothers. We all have sisters. What of their plight? This is the story about Adam and Eve. This is about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton (still? yep. because one was forced into making handbags and the other kept pimping). This is the story of Cleopatra  and Precious by Sapphire and even the fucking Octomom. I can’t believe we talked gay rights before we addressed the disparity and shortcomings in women’s suffrage. But its just like a gay man to cut a woman in line. –  . – Jokes. While the bottom was a lot lower in regards to gay rights, the top of the mountain still lies ahead in the struggle for equal pay, reproductive rights, and obliterating the stereotypical gender roles we oppress women with. –

-Frankly, its the year 2014 and I’d like to see if we can take care of all this shit once and for all. I for one can’t wait to live in a society when women do not fear men from the onset of puberty and where day to day injustices emboldening that fear are deemed hogwash by a major portion of society because of our love for rape culture. Its easy to say women are the weaker sex when you have religions following 2000 year old texts scorning women (maybe the author was just a scorned lover, ever consider that? like a punk ass Nicolas Sparks) and repeat domestic abusers walking free, emboldened, simply because they know 1. the bruises will be under the hairline 2. society doesn’t allow women to be bald 3. therefore her ass is mine as long as i don’t hit her in the eye and apologize sometime or another (no shit. chronic domestic abusers really believe this. not hyperbole). Couple that and the failure to enact legislation that protects women in a marriage, where she gives up everything from her womb to her name and legacy, and the argument becomes almost believable. We support foreign regimes that allow the most fundamental oppression on women, then ignore military rapes on foreign soils to boot. To top it off, politicians are setting up mouse trap legislation to limit the freedoms and ability of women to control their own bodies. Take away the abortion clinics. Reject the employer mandate on abortion inclusion for health care. Limit the number of kids you can get welfare assistance for. Keep wages low and kill unions, a breeding ground for woman’s equality and suffrage (shout out to my aunt Doris). It’s not a slippery slope. It’s a well designed obstacle course full of pitfalls and dead ends. In Texas. In North Carolina. In Wisconsin. These cats are so anti woman its not even funny any more. So I guess I’m saying, let’s earmark 2015 for women’s rights. I know its hard to get everyone on the same page instantly, but we have time to take care of the other shit this year, so we can try next year. If we are going to push immigration reform, marijuana reform, voting rights reform; if we are going to push our progressive or libertarian assed opinions, lets be sure we address all of the other shit this year, because next year, we are only talking women’s rights. We are going to go into the election season weighing everyone’s opinions on women’s rights and nothing but that. Let’s make this generation the generation for gender equality, starting now. I know you never heard a (rap) nigga say nothing like this (c) Tela–  but never forget that hip hop is a conscious man’s game. We are bombarded with it all. They will always try to say that we are the transgressors because we aren’t afraid to talk about it, but its because we talk about it, its because we know what a bitch is, well for that reason, we know what a bitch ain’t. Wendy Davis is not a bitch.

You are going to hear a lot of attacks on her character, because you know, this is Texas, but remember, she is just like every other woman in your life. And we all want a woman in our life, don’t we?  We need to enrich the political environment through conversations about these things, for her, to help them, the women in our lives, and those to come. A man can reinvent himself a thousand times in this society, but we want to limit what our girls can become from the time thy are born. I am not one. I want you to be all that you can be. Madonna. Whore. Diva. Goddess.I don’t want to inhibit your spirit and limit your growth because your freedom to be YOU can only help YOU, which will help me, because it helps US. Manhood. Womanhood. Humanity. That’s why I’m for Wendy Davis, for whatever.

Thanks to my friend Sarah, our conversation on Wendy Davis @ Those Darlins show at Club Dada and Ana Kasparian at TYT for the inspiration.


Ana Kasparian The Point by TYTNetwork… Rand Paul on War on Women



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