sex drugs money and music- thats what a thug be bout

if Richard Sherman is a thug, then i guess we are all thugs eh? word to tupac, another black nerd/ thug. in the spirit of thuggin, i want to explain the four vices i live by, once again. its not what i want, but its good for my spirit. i’ll explain. its good to refresh and recollect on the troubles of the past, but i don’t carry grief. instead, i have learned to accept the good in the bad. no one can always be an angel, word to Nina Simone.

so yes, its still sex, drugs, money for 2014 you dirty bitches. and the music might still be the key to changing things….but if not, my spirit is getting what it needs.

a brief explanation on my ism. i believe life is built on our search for love, peace, and happiness. we want a partner, we want a community and we want bliss. but the troubles of the worldly life keep us from attacking these desires direct and decisively and after living frantically without, sometimes searching for the better half of our lives, we settle. we settle, for sex, drugs, and money. we settle for a temporary connections instead of waiting for soul mates because  the temporary moments, good and bad,  seem denser than the idea of suffering through an eternity alone.  can you blame us, when we have thousands of temporary moments to hold us back mentally and fuck with our heads and less and less faith that a righteous life leads to a righteous eternity? we settle for temporary relief from grief through one night stands, discipline by working 80 hours a week,  and distraction using drugs or other worldly escapes like shopping or gambling.  We use money, the pursuit of it, and its artificial inflation of ego to make us feel better about our natural shortcomings or lack of talent, instead of discovering that unique light, that singular spirit breathed from god, that leads us to our happiness. instead of searching within for bliss and finding out what your life calling is (how can I help the world?) we covet money and search for opportunities to exploit the world and other people of their talents, hoping to accrue enough rupees to buy a happiness unknown. We look for ways to find peace through escapism before we find a peace within. That’s one principal most western religions don’t emphasize enough, the need to balance the outside pressures and inside pressures gracefully – without god’s help – (by this i mean, every challenge doesn’t need a drop down; every success gets a hallelujah – that’s how i approach my spiritual training here on earth). we don’t focus on the interplay of the two, the yin and yang. we should have a spirit good for the world and fit for eternity. You should be building your spirits strength here on earth (and who’s go more spirit than my sex, drugs, money, and music people?) Or maybe western teachers do emphasize this and I missed that study lesson.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re gonna need a good spirit in the end, but it better be strong. That’s why you can repent for straying from the path, but there is no repentance for lacking faith. I am a god. I have lived on this ball for 30 years. If there is a challenge coming, I know I have the spirit for it, and if I can’t do it alone, I have the training and relationship with god I need to get my spirit through it and on to the next challenge. Life is full of heartbreaks. Expect them and act accordingly. God is watching. The meek inherit the earth. Only the strong survive, eternally.

— Ryan Mega




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