this screenshot reminds me of the last time i went on a date with a white girl

or almost all of the other times too lol.

CapturejokeIf you asked, my preference is black women. I like them dark skinned in Nike’s and new Honda, with names like Peaches, Kim, or Tanya or resembling Ethiopian and Eritrean women if I can be more exact. But since I have been in Texas, I have opened up to dating more than just what I prefer, because, well they prefer me and I am a man whore.  I have dated them all with frequency now. I have broken up with a couple of hot Asians, one even had a phat ass. I have dumped and been dumped by redheads, brunettes, and blondes. I have dated enough Arab and Hindu women to understand why Kashmir sucks and Bangladesh was necessary. Don’t get me wrong. My openness to all women isn’t new. I may be a South Sider, but I fell for my first girlfriend in Roger’s Park, and though she was black, in retrospect, I wanted to date the white girl I’d kissed earlier in the year,Toni, if only because she was new to the class and Shemeal, the girl I kissed/dated had been playing hard to get for two years prior. I grew up in Oklahoma with Native American women galore, and I crossed that line in high school long ago. I can’t say that I never feel awkward on dates with women of color, but anytime I am sitting next to a white woman in an intimate setting, especially in Texas, I still feel the need to hang my head a little low. Am I shy? Ashamed? Afraid of what other’s might think? Or just bored. Of course the latter.

I am not racist. I can care less what people think about me, even if I am on my toes because I expect disrespect and racism. Usually, when I am on a date with a white woman I am extremely fucking bored and uninterested. I find myself counting the moments until the date ends or running game in my head to get some head and call it a night. Maybe she is truly post racial too (lol) and its just her sucky personality that has me looking aloof .

I relate to the guy above. And the girl I guess. They are both just trying to find love(*). And just like them, we know that love is strong enough to cross all lines, so we don’t let color hold us back from exploring it’s depths. Love undivided. Eye to eye.

In the words of the stones, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, you might get what you need. It doesn’t mean shit to you, but I just recently rationalized marrying outside of my race to myself (born in 1982, not 1892, so really what the fuck?). Though I never considered myself racist, I always had Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell posters only.I rarely go for women of other colors. That’s why I hate to be seen in public with white women, because each time, I feel like I am perpetuating something I am not quite ready to accept myself.  Though I’d dated many women of other races, it was only recently that I made that close connection that might border on, or lead to, what we call love. Though the connection isn’t in a significant relationship as of yet, this awareness forces me to consider the possibility of what could become if?

Do not get me wrong, I like all women. Tits and ass and I am in. I don’t care if you’re Bianca or Beyonce, it’s just I came up with Beyonce’s and I relate to them easier is all. But I have been fucking Bambis and Barbies since my high school days. Unfortunately, because I am tall, dark, and handsome, and because I used to be somewhat of an athlete and nightclub dj, my first rendezvous with women from other races stemmed from their attraction to my physical traits or perceived persona and less with who I really am, and to be fair, as it was for me with them. I think everybody fucked other races in college. For the kids who’s thoughts were already open to multiculturalism and inclusion, having sex with each other and listening to each others music and eating each other’s foods and privates while listening to each others music seemed like the natural evolution for building community.

One day, I might go on a date with a white chick who knows hip hop, soul, jazz, and punk music, can get to my heart while caring for me and those around me like the ring on my universe, yet never leave me bored like the guy above (**) I’ll have no fucking choice but to marry her. I doubt it, but I think I mean it, which means I have come one step closer to achieving a post-racialist state of thought.

I wrote this to say one thing.  It is 2013. And as much as I want to be upset by very expected racism in Amerikkka, in Florida, and across the nation, it’s 2013 and I can do what the fuck I want to do, up to and including ram my dick inside the ass of white women. Bunny-hopping I call it. The systems are still bullshit, but the people are just people. And in the end, you can’t blame  them for being people. We aint nothing but mammals. Dumb, awkward, people fucking mammals.I don’t feel like this is a generation of hate. We are a generation of love and of understanding. We do drugs. We do sex. And once again we see how money is power and power corrupts. I swear there’s going to be a wave of hippies rise among us soon.

*(not really, it’s locker room footage from the NBA).

**(perhaps, he is just not amused)



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