don’t get me wrong. i am happy with my life. i couldn’t change it if i wanted to. it’s too sincere. and that’s just me talking off the cusp. these indelible memories are to me as my next breath and my own regrets, forever a part of who I am and no one else. but if there is a time for retrospect, it is now, on the cusp of my born day, when i take a view inward and backwards, in search of a sign that i have navigated the seas of life rightly, though destination unknown. at this time in my life, there have been many signs that i can use to better understand the course of my life. where i have been and where i am going. tying the threads from one year with the threads of another, until the strongest ropes of life, knowledge of self, are woven from these collected experiences. its something you can’t fathom in youth. but imagine, being able to look back into your own life, into your own well of experience, and having more than  a few experiences to reference. imagine the power. to live in a unique moment but so like another before that life seems almost fictional or puppetry. to feel like you are raising the ropes on your sailboat every morning?  that’s call wisdom. growing with the flow of time.


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