Tonka The Bong

That special day is less than a week away and I am thinking of all of the things that I want to collect to keep me feeling superfluously awesome. I thought I wanted a dog. I think I deserve a little bit more. Here is my wish list. I’m posting it here because nobody reads this blog so it won’t hurt when I don’t get anything at all 🙂

The U- Perc by HiSIGlass (copped it!!!!)

Ten Really Reasonable Things I Want For My Birthday

10.  A new bong.

9. Subscription to GQ Magazine.

8. Benjamin Ficus Plant.

7. A French Bulldog.

6. A new coffee mug preferably with Audrey Hepburn on the cover.

5. Tickets to the Book of Mormon.

4. a new cell phone with a great camera.

3. my uncle’s safe and gun.

2. sound system in my car.

1. savings account with another comma.


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