I just sat through my first wedding. Don’t tell anyone. They wouldn’t believe you anyway. I have been invited to only a handful. Apparently, I’m not the kind of person you invite to important things. Weddings are a danger zone or so I assume people think when they think of inviting me. My uncle was married a decade ago. I had already budgeted and planned to go to Cancun for a senior trip happening the same weekend. I missed a very beautiful soiree with custom made cream and champagne colored suits in South Carolina. A decade before that, my father married my stepmother, but we were not invited or couldn’t attend, depending on whether you hear it from my mother or father. Recently, my best friend was married without me. No one invited me until a wedding until now. And my what a thing a wedding is.

It’s rare in life that a moment touches me and reminds me to cherish it all, the good and the bad. If it all will be better in the end, let your union be a harbinger that the dawn will always break the day and the troubles of the world can be suspended in the sleeping night.

Thanks for putting on the show. I needed it.

Congrats to the Funkes




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