Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #4: Social Value Theory and Why

Ryan Mega’s PUA Notebook #4

You know why I don’t have any kids at age 30? I still have potential that’s why. Why wake up full of ambition, moxie, and know how only to have it bridled by a whining baby? Why settle for repeat vagina when I have yet to crack that glorious one attached to the glorious heart that I wanted all of my life? I think I’ve been fearful of pregnancy every time I ever put my dick in a girl. We all have that five minutes of clarity afterward, when we are lying there wondering what and who we just did and sometimes even why we did it? Well I always have that thought beforehand. Every time. I have this inner dialogue with myself as a future mate, possibly even my wife. It’s like could this pussy in front of me ruin the chances of marrying a rich fertile young actress or model in the next 6 months to 6 years. I am not saying I listen to the voice ever or always, and I’m not really sure I could bang a rich actress, but it’s always a thought. Is this as good as it gets?

I guess I never believed so. I’ve yet to meet the beautiful woman that sweeps me off my feet. They are darling creatures, but there has never seemed a reason to settle with one. More importantly, I am always thinking of the next girl to try, to get to know, and to explore the world with. I hate to focus on sex, but it has weight in any relationship, and if I know one thing, there is definitely nothing better than pussy, except new pussy. When I was young, I used to think love at first sight meant catching eyes in a diner and spinning that fairy tale until dying together 50 years later. Now I am hoping it means my penis and her vagina fit so well together, it had to be fate, like a lock and a key in the universal lock and key party for soul mates. I can’t wait until I fall in love with the pussy. I would love to be pussy whipped to better understand what it means to have that desire for one person and no one else. Unfortunately, when I have sex with the same woman for more than a fling then I start to wonder what other pussy I am missing out on. It’s sad and you should pat me on the back for admitting it (or kick me in the ass), but I need to try other pussy because, well because I think I am getting better and I deserve better pussy. I used to joke that I would get married when my dick stopped working. Now I know it was more truthful than not. When I stop getting better, it will be time to settle and get married.

I could give a lot of ink to this, but it’s what we all know. It why younger chicks like older guys and older guys like younger girls. It’s that damn internal timer always telling us to think about forever because we could die any day. It’s ironic that we spend our lives building health and security only to knowingly squander it all when we start a family. It sounds harsh but I am not lying. Go to Match.com. The single guy or gal with 4 kids is not getting much play from anyone with less than 2 kids, guaranteed. Why? Because he or she has squandered their social value already. I’m not just talking money people.
I am still building my equity. When I am not wasting time writing stupid blog posts or smiling in stupid girls faces, I still have mornings to work out and days to volunteer. Can you believe that? I have time to go and pet a dog that doesn’t belong to me and help old people without obligation. Because I have a very secure life and no dependents, my life affords me the ability to be cavalier and confident that what I have is what I need. I am not saying you have to be single, but you must recognize the value in being unattached and free as opposed to having a family already. At least for the kind of person I want to fuck with. What if I were unemployed? Or a rich tycoon? All of these things are great, but you have to put it into the greater context. Think of this as front and clout 2.0. Let’s break it down. If you had $30M when you were 17 years old, your life would be a lot different from catching $30M when you were 77. Now replace the $30M with 6 kids. Sure these are extremes, but you get my point.
Maybe you don’t get my point. Even if you do, let’s break it down some more. As much as humans would like to think we are special. But like Em said, we ain’t nothing but mammals, fucking and sucking our way through life. Men are wired to build and control and women are wired to nurture. We use to fuck whatever we could get our hands on and raise whatever came out as a group, a village of nomads. Now it’s about customs and courtship. Before the Indian chief gave up Pocahontas he was given many gifts. Not because she was a dime, but because she was a dime and the key to peace with the invaders.
You are now a football player, player. The better you become at recognizing and reading fronts, the more picks you’ll get, simple as that. First, you have to plan in reverse – start with the clout inventory. I am not recommending you make a shallow list, but with little thought, you should know exactly what kind of mate you want. I am not saying that you have to go to med school to marry a doctor but you’ll need to read a few books. It’s okay to work on yourself. You’re building clout. You’re increasing your social value. So even if the person that you are interested in doesn’t dig you, if you’ve studied well, you’re going to attract people just like them. This is the essence of game. What if you haven’t studied your match yet? You are not going to know how to approach them or what stuff they might be into. You’re going to go for the front, the flash, and if you win, you’ll feel lucky and insecure, and not deserving. You’re going to feel like the old divorced guy dating the young chick because his friends might think she’s hot, not because he likes MGMT. It’s first and foremost about recognizing the difference between true quality and trashy fronts. Take some time to really think about what you want in and out. If its more than one chick, drink some coffee and really put some thought into how you’re going to do it then playboy. As you build your clout into the person you want to be, you are going to have many opportunities to learn the differences in what you thought you wanted and what you really want, what you want and what you can have. And this is where you will build your game. I am going to help you.
As you go and you grow, remember one thing – perhaps the only thing that gives you a leg up in this game of dating and mating. If you build your clout and control your relationships with women well, others will flock. It’s not because they are any lesser at building clout or attracting men – no it’s the pressure on women to settle. They were built to nurture. They get it from other breeders more than any guy will ever get it. Guys do not push other guys to settle and have kids. Women seem trained to. That’s detrimental to their paradigm for social worth and usually why women don’t make the best playas. It’s not fair. They innately have better listening skills which directly leads to better conversation. They tell better lies and break more hearts. Plus plastic surgery and make up are game changers. Female players, gamers, and PUAs do exist. I’ve dated a few pretty good ones. Even in them, I saw that yearning. There is always a sense that they are blooming themselves for one to settle down with, even when they seem to be totally focused on their shit. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but don’t worry, you don’t have to. You were born with a dick. You were born to build and then control. This means you are a fucking idiot. But it also means you can improve. And luckily, you came to the right place.
Now let’s stop being so abstract and get more concrete. That’s enough of the social value theory and detailed targeting – front and clout 2.0-. Let’s get into the lessons. You came for the stuff you can use in the streets. I got something you can sniff coming up next.

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