Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #3: Front vs. Clout

Ryan Mega PUA Notebook #3

We have a long way to go before I tell you fucks what to say to pretty girls at the bar. This game is far too fucked to work with damaged goods. We have to make sure your mind is in check first. Your thoughts become your actions and we need to make sure your thoughts are on point by reshaping your philosophy on women and the reason for dating.

If you didn’t get the gist of the last notebook entry, it’s about how women are winning the gender war and abusing this renaissance in women’s suffrage due to the feminizing of men in the modern era. We trained them to observe better and be more patient and now they have our asses. Girls literally sit and wait to collect ass meat. It’s their national pastime. Better than collecting dick meat I guess.

Whether you agreed with my synopsis on gender roles or not, you have to agree the first rule of attraction is observing these gender specific traits? Does she have long hair? Is she thick? Does she have nice tits? All of these things and more can only be discovered through observation.

What are we observing? Whatever they give you. When peacocks want to mate, the males in the species show their glorious plumage to entice the females to copulate. Giraffes brutally fight each other with their massive neck bones for a chance to drink the females piss (read: the flehman’s sequence. it should also be noted that female giraffes tease the male until other males are around and then and only then will she stop for ‘’rubbing”, because she wants to see the boys slug it out so the winner can “rub it” and taste it, and mount it”. Why you ask? Simple. She wants to fuck the best giraffe but needs everyone else to know it too.) Human’s put on bigger fronts. On average, girls apply exactly one ton of makeup before they finally get some guy to marry them crow’s feet and all. Guys will play the nice guy boyfriend for months before the real asshole comes out. What is all of this about? It’s observation. Watch how people put up fronts. It’s the most animal part of our beings- the vanity of attraction. Everybody walks around like their shits don’t stink.

Look back at those people that you consider as being good with the opposite sex. Don’t they have their game in order? Something tells me they know exactly how to attract their type and exactly how to see through the ones that are going to waste time. Maybe they learned how. But they know. You can learn to. Fronts are just that – the thing people put up front to attract people. It’s sad to admit the shallow nature of humans, but usually, our front is our talent or the thing that makes us unique.  When you look good, you have the front of beauty and that will get you further than most things except for say money and a good reputation.  If you are extremely smart, that is sincerely a turn on for most people, even dumb ones. On a more basic level, if you drive a very nice car with very nice rims and dress in very nice suits, women will always compliment your very nice first impression.

But chasing shiny shit will get you nowhere and the people who make it in this dating thing are the ones that know front is nothing without clout to back it up. There may be many different ways of breaking down equity – clout –  and what it means to different people, but self-worth is only validated by social worth, hate it love it.  Don’t get me wrong, a brilliant goddess might marry a monk if she finds herself in need of wisdom, but life isn’t a fucking Tarantino movie so I doubt that happens when she could marry a billionaire who goes to church most Sundays and its because the guy with the billions and the decent spirit is considered more valuable than the guy with the holiest of all spirits sans Jesus. Can you blame her? A good spirit won’t feed a family of four. Jesus actually made bread appear. Huge difference. This is why the giraffe who wins the pee wins the girl- he just built equity – clout – right before her horny 6 foot high having giraffe ass.

I know I am moving fast, all these dope ass concepts and slight explanations, so I will slow it down and give you some tidbits you can remember. The rundown:

  1. There is a gender war – not because men and women want to fight, but for Darwinist reasons, the genders are psychologically conditioned to live insanely vain and simple lives that revolve around having to one up or off each other for pussy and a chance at the most spoiled brats.
  2. Men realized this first and put a value system on pussy. For starters, the value of virginity was heavenly and divine. And chastity belts were made and worn by honest maidens who wanted to keep the value of their pussy high for the lucky Christian knights to come along and joust for it. The truth is, there was pussy everywhere and they were tired of fighting for it. They wanted to get in and get out without having to die for it, so they told the girls THEY had to choose one guy. Why off each other for a chick that’s trying to pull you out they game they thought. Fighting with clubs was out. Buying castles was in.  And chicks dug castles. They decided to show they were worthy in other ways. But few were noblemen and women, those horny fucks.  Fuck them all you slut and no one will want you, so don’t devalue your pussy they said. Save it for one guy (or fuck one guy so your mother has an excuse and divine need to send you to a brothel or off with that loser who raped you now). Why the chastity rules? Because if she has fucked some other guy, there is the chance that she will she will turn traitor and let some foreign king ransack my kingdom, and I can’t have that shit. Pussy value was locked in and traded with birth and marriage and death and taxes, and no longer won in wars. Of course, now if a girl gives it up to a guy and he doesn’t marry her, she feels less self-worth and then is more likely to sleep with other men and it’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy until she ends up a stripper named princess in a crystal meth castle.
  3. Women realized they were fooled. The rules of chastity only applied to them because anybody could say they were a virgin but a pregnant woman. They realized the foolish trick that men played when they convinced them to waste their sexiest years waiting for a deserving man, which seemed sweet, but was a stab at controlling the freedoms of women. Men seized control of the gender war simply by being able to write laws on what makes a woman and what doesn’t make a woman.  To think, it was once common to think that being flowered was becoming a woman.  But women grew wiser. Blame the sexual revolution or whatever. They realized the only thing that makes a woman a woman is motherhood, as it always has been. They realized the power of the pussy was in using it and not losing it until you were ready to make the transition into a new life as a mother, motherfuck some guy trying to push it on in on some honeymoon (a term invented by some guy  who wanted to put value on the pussy). Now they too can put a value on genitalia and run game to get the man they want, instead of falling victim of whatever genetic beast of a donor so happens to catch her when she feels it’s time to settle.
  4. Now that women have birth control and can prevent unwelcome insemination, the stakes are higher in the gender war. Women can now prevent being dominated and forced into domesticated lives at early ages because they were impregnated by the first penis to come along. To make matters scary for men, they are better at the two most powerful social tools for winning people and being successful at revenge– observation and patience.
  5. People that we consider successful with the opposite sex are usually just the most observant and patient. They have keen abilities to decipher front and differentiate it from true clout. They are definitely smart and patient enough to wait for the right one or one for right now – which means they won’t settle, but will exercise a choice. They will choose who they want and have the best chance of creating their own satisfactory destiny. You spend half of your life working on a family or pushing it in trying to make one after all.

See the Importance. Now that you know why you are here, lets breakdown some front and clout for better understanding.  The formula is Front + Clout = Social Worth.  Remember social worth validates self-worth.

  1. The male peacock plumage + fertile and healthy genes = great genetic donor worth giving up life for
  2. The male giraffes battle for victory and the females good tasting piss + fertile and healthy genes + great genetic donor worth giving up life for
  3. Girls with pretty looks and well maintained looks + a girl who always picks the wrong guys = a bitter girl who can’t figure out what makes a real man or a real woman
  4. A nice guy who always smiles + but always finishes last or has a history of heartbreaks = a sucker for love.
  5. A wedding ring + a 9 to 5 job and a happy wife = a family man
  6. A wedding ring + a 9 to 12 job and a lonely wife = a cheating husband
  7. Intelligence + a medical degree = a successful  brain surgeon
  8. A gypsy on a rug on the corner begging + your stolen watch = one thieving ass bum
  9. A gypsy on a rug on the corner begging + a magic lamp with a blue genie = Aladdin

Now that you know how front attracts and clout keeps and why it matters, you can better observe and practice patience in dating. Remember that observation and patience are your only real weapons. When you settle for the one who is going to change your life, you want them to be equal or better, not the cheating husband or the thieving ass bum. Flip the script on yourself. How do you front? What’s your clout? Does it equate to your station in life? Does your ego match the drapes?  If you are not quite where you want to be in life, have you planned on building clout or are you more focused on putting on a front? Are you patient enough to work on yourself until you are ready to date, or will you settle for any old loser boyfriend because you have real issues that he accepts and you haven’t learned to be alone? You will find that you need them both, but in the end, no front can ever equate to solid clout. Sure clout has a ceiling that necessitates some fronting (a billionaire can only be so modest, am I right?), but all the fronting in the world won’t equate to much clout (even rappers have some equitable skills that most humans don’t possess, if temporary and fading).

Test my theory. Let’s not even get into the details of anybody’s relationship. Just think of the first two people that come to mind and right them down. Then write the social worth equation for each.  When you compare the social worth to the other in the relationship, do they equate? If not, I bet there are problems at home.

Did you think about how your social worth would differ if you were in a different city or a different time?   Or did you forget the importance of location because I didn’t reiterate it? It’s amazing how far being tall can get me in Dallas, while in Chicago, it’s nothing major. You should see the way cars make the girls in Chicago go crazy, but in Dallas and Miami, an Aston Martin are common place, even to the hood parts of town. How does your social worth carry into other communities?

So that’s enough for this chapter. You have to know where you are on the social chain if you want to be successful with the other sex, but more importantly, you have to train yourself to see this value in others. You have to constantly check that value and validate it when interacting with them as potential mates. The formula is easy and simple to learn, but you have to use it constantly until you can eyeball a person and know what their value will be. You judge a book by its cover and you patiently wait to be surprised because life is long and until you feel the need to have some fucking kids and settle into a new persona, it fair to be that shallow. We do it with friends and family, but feel ashamed to do it when picking a wife. Fuck being open to people who are below you. Work to make everyone below you. Then walk down the hill and fuck them all. When you have the ability to think in these terms, its only then that you can step into the world of a true pick artist. How can you qualify anybody if you have no idea what you want in the end?

5 thoughts on “Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #3: Front vs. Clout

  1. Of course I found it enlightening. It was witty. As most of your writings are. So I giggled every now and then. But your PUA series has shed new light on formerly gray places in my mind. A paradigm shift of sorts. Kind of like not realizing you got hustled until you walk away and notice you have neither product nor money. I’m not sure if your intent was to help both sides of the game but I’m ready for #4.

    And yes I did listen. I loved it. When the chorus for the 1st song came on I got a little sad. I don’t like to think about places I can’t be. But I loved it. I poured a glass of red listened to Isolated Mountain 5 afterwards. I think it’s funny how such a seemingly misogynistic asshole can introduce me to such awesome music 🙂

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