Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #2: Why and How? Lessons 1 and 2

Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #2: Why and How? Lessons 1 and 2

If you are looking at the Notebook #1 and wondered where I was going with it, don’t worry, here’s more. I know it’s not my regular rant when I write about “the dating game”, considering the heartbreaking stories  and idiotic stories about women I have shared on this blog, but  I have a bit of knowledge on winning and losing with women. So why am I sharing? Simple. Men are doing it wrong and I can’t go one watching.

There have always been rules to dating and I kind of like to think that men and women are from different planets. It’s a novel notion and it would make more sense. But those ideas seem  ancient when you apply them to the norms of today, an era where group dates, triads, and seasonal dating is less taboo and more household knowledge. The world of dating in 2013 is nothing like it was in 1993 or 2003 even. In the end, it’s always the rules of engagement that change. The gender roles were locked at the beginning of time.

That’s my theory on sexual nature. Women want someone to cherish them because they give up everything they are when they give birth but must give birth to fulfill their motherdom/chase for immortality. Those nice tits and great waistline? Gone. Here to stay, thinning hair, saggy tits, and bad hormones.  They spend their best years finding the best possible suitor to walk them to from motherhood to death. For guys, it’s deeper. We know we are useless sacks of semen. A woman can pretty much do everything a man can do. But there is one thing no man on the world can do and that is have a baby. Women might have penis envy or post-partum depression because they feel nostalgiac for a freedom they never really had. But men know we aren’t really the promised guy. In the end, chicks just want any penis, and yours will just have to do. We are just hoping to hang around long enough to die in your bed. That sounds easy until you consider that men are full of testosterone and don’t just want to settle and feel needed; no first they must secure as much land as possible and fuck the prettiest woman of all to ensure that his kids have the best chance of repeating his great fortune and he can fulfill his fatherdom/ chase for immortality. That’s a rough life and it’s for this reason that men have to feel needed. The best of us die insecure fathers with securities and loans and beautiful widows. The worst of us become the misogynists assholes who contribute to the rape culture prevalent in pop culture.

It is everywhere, the rape culture. That’s what the Grimes letter was about. That’s why little girls kill themselves and football players rape a girl they get to call a slut back in class on Monday. It’s as if these guys push this fear on women to feel more needed and secure in their fake role as “protector of the family”, that ever fading institution for gender constructs since the nomadic era. The days of the chivalrous gentleman are long gone. Now, GUYS get a Facebook message and a late night text. I can’t say that this is a bad thing, but it’s not a good thing for anyone.

There was once a time when the rules were known. The gentleman’s code is actually traced to the time of king and queens, that’s where the fuck the term chivalry comes from. The knights in the king’s court developed these methods and rules on courting ladies of the kingdom, etc. etc. Some of the love poems are known, like the Genevieve shit.  These codes survived through the last few years with the assistance of magazines lines GQ and Esquire and websites like AskMen.com and TheArtofManliness.com, but honestly, most boys are learning more about sex from porn than the doctor’s advice column in the men’s monthly. And girls grew tired of taking the shit in the gender war and began to brush up on the many ways men sought to rob them of their best years. People like Steve Harvey gave them tips and clues on how to avoid the fairy tale paradigm flaw that so many of them fall for.  And most importantly, the international world is actually looking at legal precedents against rape, not just marching about it.  Women’s Suffrage 2.0. While there is long ways to go until genders are considered equal, and scientifically can never be equal, the dawning of modern femdom has ushered in a renaissance period for women.  All and all, it hasn’t been a better time to be a chick in the world.  Not every woman is aware of this, but the few who have already seen the light are thriving on the possibilities. You don’t want to sleep with your husband anymore, well you never had to, so you don’t have to now that you’ve had the baby that’s for sure. Want to hang with your girls all night long and order in for your beau at 10pm? Go for it. Hell stay later and text him to order Chinese for 1 – fuck him and his after work meal. You work too right? That bitch can make his own hot pockets, am I right ladies? Wear whatever the fuck you want and dare someone to touch you, then sue them and take their money and repeat because there will always be some idiot willing to sleep with his secretary and settle out of court.  Only now is it accepted for a woman to go and make 100 million of her money and still take half of her husbands in the divorce settlement – because she gave up the body, not you dammit. You’re already going to pay for dinner and the movie, so you might as well pay for her rent too right? You don’t think this happens until it happens. Sure there are women who fall head over hills for guys, financially supporting no good losers, but usually it’s a handful before they grow tired or grow smart and settle and/ or upgrade the quality of people they date. But guys who start the habit of supporting women financially are probably going to keep tricking off until they die. There is no bringing a lost sugar daddy back to the natural way of thinking.

Women with game can get men to buy jewels and cars and drugs and do the dumbest stupidest shit because there is always some idiot guy out there looking to be needed. Smart women found this out and exploited it. That’s how Kim got Kanye going. He felt like he was saving something. Everybody keeps telling him it’s a ho he’s saving, but he isn’t listening because he has been waiting to feel needed by a beautiful girl and can’t wait to make her a beautiful rich widow. But something tells me Kim won’t be with Kanye when he dies as morbid as that reads.

In the end, that’s the ultimate lynchpin for writing this. Chicks are cornering us in lol. I think it’s time to have a gents meeting and get these things in order.  We need to talk about how we are treating women, now that they are going to pretty much eat a hole in our asses for the next few centuries. The gender roles will never change. We will always be a mutated chromosome and they will always have the choice of who they want to sleep with, deal with it and stop looking so needy.

And yes, the gender roles don’t change, but the rules of attraction do. Whether woman or man, you either get this and have control over it or don’t. Hopefully I’ve convinced you. If so, here’s the first couple of lessons.

When it comes to dating and romancing the opposite sex, you must work on your patience and your observation skills.

Women will always tell you exactly what they want, whether that is with their body language on the date or by ignoring your text afterword. I bet you the people who you think have mastered their game and their approach to dating are likely very good at observing and reacting to nonverbal signs and patterns of behavior.

If you are going to be a student of game, you are also going to have to be patient. It takes practice and it takes observation, but it’s going to take time to get it right. And if you know what you are aiming for, and really want to get it, then a little patience is nothing.

What if I told you that game was really just about those three things – patience, observation and respecting the natural gender role for women? Well, that’s all I am going to tell you. I will give you lessons and tips here and there, but if you know this then you already got game. If you’re busting your ass to be the best person you can be, it’s because somehow you know it’s going to attract the best quality of women and give you the best quality of life to pass on your muthafucking genetic code.  The rest is learning to observe and reflect on what these women and being patient enough not to settle for the wrong ones.  As you can see in these last two lines, dating shouldn’t be the focus of your life, but it determines the fate of your offspring and lineage, not to mention the livelihood of an expected half of your life.

Do I have your attention now?

— Ryan Mega

The Black Jay Gatsby


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