Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #1: Its All About Location

Ed. Note: Once upon a time, I was a lanky kid barely able to manage a pedestrian conversation with an interesting girl. Then I found this online chat forum (that shall remain nameless) dedicated to emboldening the mentality necessary to accomplish any mission you set yourself on, including getting laid on prom night. Now I am on the cusp of writing a new philosophy, and feel its only right to share these tips and experiences that birthed it, as the game will always be told by me and  never sold by me. I can’t say that I still support this shit 100%. After years of living it, I have definitely been able to see how its helped and hurt me. But in the end, its worth sharing. There is a dark side to dating and it only gets darker when you consider the theories and philosophies that people approach with. That goes for both sexes. For men, its worse. Google the term PUA (Pick Up Artist) and tell me the first site you land on doesn’t reek of patchouli and rohypnol cologne. Its a world of scumbags advising other scumbags on how to get laid with trashy girls. If you never had any pussy, I am sure that’s what you want to learn. It”s probably what I wanted when I was younger. But then what? You train hard and you end up with these weapons, but the only thing you are trained to hunt is sluts. Well that’s not what dating is and that’s definitely not what I wanted when I started reading that chat room back in high school, when I was just looking for tips to take Oni Barnes from her college jock boyfriend. On behalf of all of the Oni’s I plotted on, successfully or not, I have to correct the bullshit that exists by giving up the bible, the blueprint. This is how you do it. I present the Pick Up Notebook.

Ryan Mega’s Pickup Notebook #1: Its All About Location

You can have all the game in the world. You can be Goldie in The Mack, Mick Jagger, or Bill Clinton, but its all for naught  if you aren’t in the right place to execute. You can’t make great opportunities unless you are in a good place for running game. I don’t mean whether or not you go to the club or bar or grocery store or library or what have you. I am thinking macro social here. If you are going to be the best pick up artist you can be, you have to pick the best city for you to become it.

Each year there are hundreds if not thousands of lists ranking cities in America and across the world are published, in everything from “Best City For Singles Under 30” to “America’s Fattest Cities”. They even give nods to local bard and hangouts. It makes the scout work that much easier.  But to choose the best city for you, you need to take a few things into consideration.

Social: You have to account the number of your key demographic first and foremost. It’s going to determine the philosophy of game you must train yourself for. When I was a wild man in college back in Nashville, I had to approach the girls a lot differently than I do now, as a bachelor living a modest life in Texas. Still, I approached girls at my HBCU in Nashville differently than I did at the first university I attended in rural Oklahoma, where interracial dating still had one hell of a stigma. Not only did I need to respect the differences among the population of girls I gamed, I had to learn the varying approaches of my competition while dealing with the environment. While I’d love to go into the specifics and some of the key points, the most important ones are obvious- it was fucking Oklahoma.

Financial: If only one thing mattered in life, it would be money; because that’s the way we made it. Get used to it and if you get a little, act like you are used to it. It’s one thing to dream big and it’s another for me to prepare myself to bed millionaire heiresses while living in Compton! I grew a part of my life in a single parent home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The chances of meeting a millionaire heiress were slim to none. But the chances of meeting a spoiled brat with a new Lincoln Navigator truck at 16 were feasible. I am not saying I was in it for her truck, because we definitely didn’t drive in it much, but I am sure I couldn’t have got laid if I didn’t know how to operate the rear seats and sound system like I’d installed them myself. Silly way of making the point, but its true. I have always played to my class and its helped me to be more comfortable in my skin, and thus my approach. We can all play dress up, but really do we wanna? Class in America and the first world is more important than any other factor in the art of pick up. If you ever sat on a PUA group call and listened to low class individuals discuss the art of game and wonder why they would ever need it to purchase their meth whores, you my friend know exactly what I am talking about.  No one is saying you have to be rich to have game, but you have to know your sweet spot when it comes to security. Don’t settle for a second rate job if you want first rate women. And really, if you don’t have 1000 words in your vocabulary, stop harassing the cougars in the Benzes. They are very likely out of your league. For now.

Space: One factor that rarely comes into play, but matters is space or the location of your city. Chicago, great city of the Midwest is booming because no other city worth its share of boobs is within a 3 hour radius. Few cities have this luxury. If you live in a city with 750,000 people of more, you are probably doing fine, unless there is a bigger city within 3 hours. I can remember how many times the girls in Nashville, whether they went to Vanderbilt or Fisk bragged about weekend getaways to Atlanta and Memphis and even Indianapolis, as if Nashville was nothing but a hick town.  But I got it right away. They were tired of being surrounded by college boys. Although the Predators, Titans, and country stars were known to mingle with the locals, there just weren’t enough of them to go around, even in that small city. These girls found rich sponsors elsewhere. They found action elsewhere. They got laid elsewhere. I learned from watching them. Now I live in Dallas, a huge city, just like Chicago, with at least 100,000 girls that I’d fuck, guaranteed. And a few hours away, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, OKC, and a gang of college towns scattered about.

What does it all mean? Well maybe you can’t move or get the chick in the Benz now, but think about what you want to be in the next 5 years? Are you going to be better than you are today, financially, mentally and physically? Is your city big enough to supply you with what you need? Do you have enough women of your caliber to go through a few? And realistically, are you approaching the right caliber of women to effectively practice and build game?  It is one thing to play Michael Jordan and get better but it’s another to chase Kate Middleton down and lay her.

When I moved to Dallas five years ago, it was because I was tired of college parties and college girls that wanted to gossip about you on Facebook the next day, rather than get on with their lives. I got laid a lot, but the girls were always inexperienced and/or naive.  More importantly, I was young and didn’t know anything about what I wanted from them, so I took whatever they were willing to give me. Once I moved here, I was rejuvenated by the different neighborhoods and abundance of women from all ages and races I could fuck.  People in Dallas make money and they love to spend it at restaurants, malls, bars and nightclubs. Its the land of the 30K millionaire because people spend money to enjoy themselves to the point of being financially bust- that’s the past time here and I can fuck with it, because I am a materialistic swaggy muthafucka.  I go out and there is someone FOR ME every night. I don’t mean going to a black tie event where I have to dress up and schmooze divas to get laid. I mean a $2 whiskey bar and great DJ playing old records for a club full of thirsty flappers ready to drink and dance the night away. Dallas has a well-deserved reputation for being pretentious, and I agree it is, but I also think it leads to a better quality of girl. They are single, working, fashion conscious, beauty crazed chicks and I know exactly what I am dealing with. My game was made for this city and I wouldn’t be here if it were not.

What city and neighborhood are you in? Do you have a local hangout where your ideal match would play?

Are you where you need to be (physically, emotionally, financially) to date? Are you dealing with people on your caliber and what’s the plan to improve the caliber of people you deal with?

Have you visited a sister city yet? Do you have plans of visiting any international city soon?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to better understand how your location in the world, in life will play into your ability to get laid. No one is saying you can’t go out and bed Kate Middleton, but its a lot simpler for us all if we just focus on Kate the sweet Bartender.

—- Ryan Mega


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