bad dates

i have em, you have em. lets start a column about em. and we are off. let the games begin. enjoy.



3 thoughts on “bad dates

  1. I once went on a date with a man that ordered my dinner for me. If you know me, you know this is a mistake. I mean, what the fuck does a vegetarian want with fucking orange chicken anyways? It got much worse when he nearly hit a toll booth on the way back due to his mother not teaching him it’s rude to be on the cell phone on a date. Way to go, mom! Then, you just know we had to cap the night off with a disastrous farewell kiss. He politely walked me to my door, closed his eyes, and tongued my chin. That’s right, he missed! Never saw him again… and life got much better!!!

    • i don’t bring my phones out on dates if i can so i would have passed the toll thing. and i don’t think i would have the guts to order for a girl unless i KNEW she ordered the same the thing. its a shame he didn’t figure out you were a vegetarian before the date. bad planning. the good news is, its sounds like we might get to date two. where i’d finally go in for that kiss you been waiting on.

      i can’t wait to share my bad date with you. this is a good one. i wonder if he learned from it?

  2. I honestly could’t believe the audacity! The first date is the stage to learn things about each other. Like being a vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian these days, and would gobble that orange chicken right up, but I’d still kick him in the nuts if I saw him again. LOL

    Great idea, sir! Who doesn’t have a bad date story? I can’t wait to hear yours and I want lots of details.

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