How I Won the Internet:: 3/7/2013



A MONTH WITHOUT SEX – by Kat George @kat_george

Sometimes you want to hear about the spoils of sex, and sometimes you don’t and I’m still unsure about this moment, so here’ a mention for later. I didn’t know you only needed to take a break for 1 month if you have HPV. It seems that you would want to chill a bit longer.

BROOKLYN VEGAN’S SXSW FUCKSTIVITIES STARRING XXYYXX AND BROOKE CANDY AND MORE @ MAGGIE’ MAE’S ROOFTOP – One of those hope to make its on my list of things to do. Which means if show # sales out, I’m there.

DALLAS COPS USING A DIFFERENT TECHNIQUE ON HOOKERS – Because changes in social policy are best handled by the local government. kudos to the genius who decided to change things up a bit.

75 POUNDS? AIR BOUND? YOU’RE GOING DOWN – Atlanta guy caught with 75 pounds in route to GA via DFW gets busted. Let his failure be your guide.


COMPLEX SHOE SPREAD– because i wasted 2 minutes of my precious life reading blah about sweatshop shoes.

WHY UP ALL NIGHT WAS CANCELLED – because now i will watch the entire season on hulu to better understand the critique.

SOLO MOBB DEEP from HAVOC – i will keep listening to everything these guys push off, just to be sure i don’t miss a legendary beat or hot 16, because i know they are capable of doing it still. still, i don’t expect much from these two on a solo thing. please oh please oh please get back together.

KANYE’S RANT – because i try to avoid any news or fodder that would kill my fandom for any celebrity, but this guy won’t shut up again, so i’ll let him ruin his rep if he wants. and this unnecessary rant does that. kanye falls for the bait too much.


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