drone strikes and civil liberties

So there was this executive order to kill this 16 year old kid in afghanistan and the backlash comes not because he is 16, but because he was also an American. The argument is that he aided terrorists, but there is evidence that 200 children younger than 16 have been murdered, so its also evident that not all people who die from drones aided terrorists. I think his death was ordered because of his citizenship. Unlike a foreign born terrorist, he could easily return into the united states when he wanted. He could tell the truth about the war on terror.

I don’t know if he aided terrorists or not. I do know his death and ignoring it is an acceptance on the limits of american rights. Of course there have been limits to what a us citizen could do aborad, but until he hit customs, most things were regulated by the foreign authorities and embassies.

If there was a new world order, drone strikes would be the first sign of aggression from an orwellian takeover by a capitalist state intent on controlling its global assets. I imagine it won’t be long until white Americans who voice their concerns about global issues are treated harshly and held in guantanamo bay or murdered by corporate mercenaries. U may have ur bill of rights at home, but they will guarantee they do not extend beyond the borders.


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