silly principles

i don’t hold any code too dear. hate me for it. i’m far from an immoral person, but i can understand the human experience, and feel there are certain times when certain actions are necessary. i don’t put anything past people. but if a person is conscious of when they are right or wrong, yet still holds on to an obviously wrong position, they let me know they are not worth the time. i am a factitious little fuck. i am either too serious or not serious at all. its usually quite easy to tell the difference.but if you looked me dead in my face and asked me for my honest opinion on something, i don’t need to swear on a bible. you can tell from the look in my face that the answer i am saying is what i feel and is logical and the argument will support it and be in harmony with who i am. i am not talking out the side of my neck. young people are notorious for this. i think i committed this crime too much as a twenty something.

i had a conversation with this chick about lance armstrong. this was just about the time he made his last rejection to the last allegation. i still wore my live strong bracelet but i explained how it felt weird because even i felt like something was wrong with lance. i mean 7 tour de france’s and sheryl crow? clearly he was on roids. she said that he wasn’t and that it was just a ploy to derail him and his foundation, but couldn’t tell me who the conspirators were. well a few months later, lance comes clean so i ask if she is ready to at least deflate some of the steam she has for him. nope, she’s ride or die.

okay, great. ride or die it is. now if this was a chris brown and rihanna situation, this same person would admit to being a chris brown fan until the public was against him. i think she might say the same about obama, to a certain degree. but because she has already gone balls in on the first argument, she is going to go down with the ship.

silly principles.

i am spending the day tomorrow going over my principles to be sure i am not holding on to anything for sheer vanity or stubbornness.


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